Lights out!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know, way past the fact but I was out of power for 2 nights- again!
I was off on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Dan was working from home. At 2:15 I laid down with Molly and “blink” the lights went off. I heard Dan curse from downstairs because when we lose power it isn’t for hours, it’s for DAYS. Me, Dan and Molly all got into our King Size Bed and cozied up in our warm, polar fleece sheets. We all actually stayed here until 7:15 when we got the power back!
Dan got up and made dinner and at 7:45 the power went off again!
We knew we weren’t seeing it for a few days again. Back to bed we all went!
Thanksgiving Day we got up and took Molls to the dog park, after we got coffee at Dunkins. The park was beautiful with all the snow and we ran into a few friends that also didn’t have power.
We got back and headed over to Dan’s brother and sister in law’s house for dinner. We took showers and had a yummy meal. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals. We spent some time there and headed home about 5:15.
As we drove through Shirley we noticed all the houses had their lights back on! We were super excited as we came upon our road and the one blinking light in the whole town of Shirley was blinking!
Alas, as we came up to our street all was dark! BOOOO. We are always the last in town to get power restored. It was sooo frustrating to see power around us and we had to come home to a cold, dark house again. We built a fire and sat in front of it until we went to bed.
I was woken up at 3AM to the power going back on. Yay!!!! As much as a pain in the butt as this was I was so thankful we weren’t hosting dinner and that my Dad didn’t come up for the holiday. He always does and I cancelled at the last minute. Thank God.  I felt terrible for all the people that were hosting the holiday and didn’t have any power. It could have so much worse for us.
I had Friday off and Dan and I did some Christmas shopping. Dan hates to shop but he is a great gift giver. He is not into Gift certificates at all. He wants to buy a meaningful gift with some thought behind it.
On Sunday we headed over to Cataldo’s Nursery in Littleton, Ma. Every year they decorate about 20 Christmas trees with different themes and pass around food. They also have all sorts of Christmas decorations, trees, wreaths, gifts you name it! The place was mobbed with people but I scored some pretty good presents there. A very nice woman gave me her coupon for $3.00 off purchases over $20.00. Thanks lady, very nice of you!
I also got my picture with this bag piper.
The holiday was a bit dampened by the no power bit, but we were blessed at how things turned out. It really would have been a bummer if we were hosting and my elderly Dad was here in the cold and dark with us.
Going to Cataldo’s and seeing all the pretty trees got us in the holiday spirit.
Let the shopping begin!
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