Refrigerator thief

Hey Guys:


How’s your week going? Mine is flying by and I have tomorrow off!

I have a confession to make. I did something at work that I have never done before.

I stole a dessert from someone’s party platter out of the refrigerator.


I know! Who does that?

When I opened the fridge to get my lunch I saw this whole party platter filled with goodies. I am not really a sweet eater but they called my name.  I only have one co-worker and we never see our boss  or have parties. We are the forgotten red headed step children.


So out of party envy I stole a dessert. And it was delish!

Not that I needed the dessert but I wanted to feel like part of a party even if I had to invite myself! Sometimes I miss working with a larger group of people and doing festive things.

Speaking of food here was my food journal to Steve this week. I am really trying to eat healthier but I may be eating too many nuts.


Ezekial English muffin with deviled ham

mixed fruit

2 cups coffee

Antipasto salad



mixed nuts

Baked Cod with veggies


few mixed nuts



Zone Bar

Mixed fruit

2 cups coffee


Chopped salad with chicken


Mixed fruit

Mixed Nuts


mixed nuts


grilled shrimp on a salad




Ezekial English muffin with deviled ham

2 cups coffee


mixed nuts


cabbage Salad with salami and dressing



popcorn (handful)


mixed nuts


pork and veggies in curry

brown rice

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