What I am Lovin’ lately

Hey, hey! How are you? Just a few weeks until Christmas!  I know, right? Yikes!


I follow a couple of other people’s Blogs and on Fridays they do a “ Things I am Loving” . Well, it’s Monday and I am going to tell you what I found recently that I love and am totally hooked on.


Live From Daryl’s House


Remember the group  Hall and Oates from the 80’s? You know, the blond and the guy with the mustache. You couldn’t grow up in the 80’s and NOT know who these two were: Maneater, Sarah Smile,Rich Girl, Out of Touch….


Anyway, Daryl has a show on Palladia where he gets musicians together and they just jam at his house. The point of the show is for us to be a fly on the wall when musicians get together casually and just play. Daryl has a cool ass refurbished old home in upstate NY that is the setting of the show. They play in a barn and have the best of the best equipment.


I like the show because he brings in so many different types of artists. He has had some older ones like Todd Rundgren (my favorite), Joe Walsh and the guy from ZZ TOPP to name a few, but he also brings in younger talent. I have watched Train, Finger Eleven and Rob Thomas just croon along with Daryl.

Sometimes he brings in rather unknowns (to me anyway) and now I am hooked on Rumer? Think she is a British singer but her voice is as smooth as butter. Just gorgeous.


 Check out this girl’s voice: http://www.livefromdarylshouse.com/currentep.html?ep_id=72

I haven’t even gotten to mentioning Daryl yet. First of the all, the guy is 68 years old and looks fabulous! He is in great shape, looks more masculine and hip to me now than he did in the 80’s and still has his beautiful blond hair. Oh, I don’t doubt he has had some eye work done but whatever, I think the jeans and flannel shirt look work for him.  He is super laid back and looks completely comfortable in his skin.


Then there is his voice.

I have always loved Hall and Oates. I have their CD in my car. Their songs were catchy and fun and just the epitome of the 80’s. What I didn’t expect was his jazzy, smooth and sexy voice.

This man can sing!

I am hooked on a  song he wrote many years ago for a friend of his that died from cancer at the age of 36. It’s called “Somebody like you”. Joe Walsh is on the guitar and I could sit and listen to Daryl sing this forever. The song is beautiful and his voice is flawless.



I also love an episode where he has Smokey Robinson on. Smokey won’t sing the song “ oh, baby, baby” anymore. I think, but don’t quote me, that it is too emotional for him and he doesn’t want to sing it. Daryl really wanted him to sing it so he and his band just move into the song but Smokey stops dead in his tracks when he is supposed to pick it up. Daryl’s face is hilarious and he says “ oh, that’s funny, he ain’t singing that” so Daryl starts singing it. His voice is mesmerizing as he croons Smokey’s song and  Smokey can’t help but sing along. Daryl gets him to sing the whole song and you can see all the band members practically holding their breathe watching to see what’s going to happen.



The duet is unbelievable.

I watched Daryl sing “ Ain’t no Sunshine” with Finger Eleven whom I didn’t know. I love how laid back Daryl is in this video. Love the simplicity of his voice.

I am clearly lovin’ Live from Daryl’s house. The show isn’t new, it’s been on since 2007. Dan had told me about it but I never got around to watching it. If you don’t get Palladia, here is a link to his web-site of all his archived shows. If you love good music you will be hooked like me!


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