Christmas Jar give a way

Hey you guys: How is your holiday shopping going? Are you done?
I told you about the Christmas Jar I had put out at Steve’s to collect change and donate anonymously to someone who needs it right before Christmas?
I picked up the jar last night and my friend found the perfect person to give it to! The amount of money is irrevelevent, the idea was to offer someone hope that things will be ok. I am also giving the person the book, The Christmas Jar, so they can understand the point of the jar. I don’t want anyone to think I am giving them charity, I hope I am offering light in a dark place and hope where there is hopelessness.
I know a little about the person the jar is going to and I am like a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait for them to get it! I was offered the chance to meet the person but I didn’t want to.
Actually, that’s a lie. I did, but the point of the jar was to be anonymous and I thought it should stay that way. It seems selfish to want to see the person and get accolades for doing this.
So, on Thursday the jar will be given to the intended recipient. I will be thinking of them on Thursday night and will be sending out good vibes to this person who is desperately in need of many things, not just money.
I don’t have a name or a face, but that’s ok I don’t need one. They don’t have a name or a face either of who gave it.
So maybe two strangers will be thinking about each other and how they have impacted one another’s lives.
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