Hey Y’all: One more week to Christmas. Holey Moley.

Last night I was telling Steve about a tradition my Dad did when we were kids. At Christmas he would go out and buy my brother and I a gift just from him.  He would give us hints throughout the month of December and I would try and guess what it was.

One year he gave me a picture frame to put my boyfriend’s picture in ( I still have it) and another year he gave me a stuffed animal. It was never a big gift but it was always my favorite gift to open and I always saved it as the last one.

This is the actual frame. Thought I still had the BF picture in it, but nope!

When I was 16 I wanted  a car, like every other kid. I was hoping, but not really expecting his special gift to me would be a car.

The hints he gave me that year about his gift was it was brown, almost everyone has one and if I took car of it it could last me a life time.


This was eventually my first car.

That’s a car, right?

When I excitedly opened the gift that Christmas morning I opened the box.

It was  a Bible!


I remember thinking to myself to smile and say thank you but I had no clue why he had given this to me as his special gift. I didn’t want a Bible.

But he said to me ” You are getting to the age where you will be making difficult choices and this has helped me throughout my lifetime. I know you may not use it now but peruse through it and someday I hope it will be a comfort to you when you need it”.

Now my selfish 16 year old self was like ” yeah, great gift, Dad” but my 46 year old self still remembers that gift like it was yesterday.


The last time my Dad gave me “his” gift was the Christmas before I got married. He gave me the Bride’s book of Etiquette. I doubted this was his idea but my Mom swore it was.

Dad has a hard time remembering now that it even is Christmas, never mind that he used to get us gifts.

But the memory of that tradition will always stay with me.


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2 Responses to Traditions

  1. Sue says:

    Love the story. But I love the cool car🚗

  2. karenmregan says:

    The car wasn’t so cool at 16. It was huge and it spewed smoke everyone I hit the gas from an oil leak! Haha. Lots of memories tho.

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