Crispy Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Hey everyone! I hope your holidays were good to you. Hard to believe it’s almost 2015 already!

For Christmas I had seen this silicone baking mat that is suppose to crisp food like they are fried but you put it in the oven and bake with it. I was dying to try this because I thought it would be healthy. We love fried fish but we don’t eat it often for the obvious reasons.


So, I bought it for Dan for Christmas.

He was not as impressed as I was as he commented that the carcinogenics from the mat would kill us before the oil did! Nice, I never thought of that.

Since he was not super psyched to try the mat, I decided to. I had a recipe for crispy oven “fried” chicken drumsticks that I had been dying to make.

Crispy oven fried Chicken

1 cup plain greek yogurt

2 Tbsp spicy brown mustard

2 tsp Maple syrup

1 tsp hot sauce

salt and pepper to taste

8 drumsticks (remove skin)

2 cups puffed rice cereal ( rice krispies)

2 cups baked chips

paprika  to taste

garlic powder to taste

1. Whisk the yogurt, mustard , maple syrup, hot sauce and salt and pepper. I played with each seasoning and made it a little hotter than the recipe called for. Place drumsticks in a plastic bag and cover with sauce for at least 30 minutes.

2. Combine cereal and chips ( I  just squished them in a plastic bag) and add paprika,garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. I also threw in Cayenne Pepper.

3. Preheat over to 375 and take marinated drumsticks and roll them in the bag of breading covering the whole drumstick. Arrange on the silicone mat and bake for 40-45 minutes. If you don’t have a mat you can just place them on a foil lined cookie sheet.

For a side I also made a cilantro, lime cole slaw that I made up.

Cilantro Cole Slaw

1. Whisk plain greek yogurt with lime and cilantro (fresh and the squeeze tube)and add Apple cider vinegar. I added the ingredients to my taste and adjusted as I liked.

2. Toss the marinade over a bag of coleslaw and feel free to add onions if desired.

The whole meal was delicious and easy to make. I didn’t use all the marinade to cover the chicken and I kept some aside and dipped my drumsticks in as I ate.

They were crunchy and moist and had a lot of flavor. I highly suggest making them.


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