Made From Earth – anti aging product review

Hey Ladies:

Now that I am in my later 40’s (47 in May- God!) I am really feeling the need for some anti aging product help. I noticed the skin on my neck is getting a little loose and chicken-y and Dan kindly told me the skin between my boobs are too.


Anyway, I reached out to the great folks at Made From Earth and asked if they could send me some anti aging products to review. I have worked with them before and they are a fabulous company and wonderful to work with.

Within days of my request a box came to my house with several products. The person I spoke with asked me my skin type so they could end me the correct products for my skin.

My skin tends to be oily so they sent along.

Skin correcting toner with vitamin C

MFE Toner

Chamomile eye therapy

MFE Eye therapy

Vitamin C Moisturizer

Vitamin C moist

Ph Equilibrant moisturizer


I first tried the skin correcting toner on my chicken neck. You spray it on and it adheres to your skin. The cooling spray feels awesome on your face and neck. I think I see a bit of tightness in the neck but not a whole huge difference. To be fair, I think it’s more for your face because I see more of a difference there. The spray has a fruity smell and it’s a light product. Can be worn under make up.

Next, I tried the eye therapy. I am seeing lines and bags around my eyes lately so I was super curious about this product. This you are suppose to use around the eye (including eye lid) for 5 days straight.

I have done this twice now and I do see a difference in my eyes.

This is a nice cream and the smell is not over powering at all. I hate overly scented products and Made From Earth keeps theirs light. I would definitely keep using this one!

I have always love MFE’s moisturizers whether it is for the body or face. These 2 were no exception. Both the Vitamin C and the Ph Equilibrant were rich creams that make your face feel so smooth and supple. These too, had a light, clean smell that wasn’t over powering.

As always, my experience with MFE and their products was a great one. I love their natural products with their clean smell and good results.

Alas, I am still searching for a way to get rid of the chicken neck and boobs, but my eyes and face are smooth and the wrinkles are improving.

Can’t have it all!



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