Making better food decisions

Hey Everyone:

How is your week going? Almost over already!

 So, I sent my food journal to Steve last night and he said it looked good but I need to plan to make sure I keep on a good path, especially when temptations come up.

Home made enchilada with gluten free torts (home made)
Nuts with dark chocolate
hot chocolate w/whipped cream
1 stuffed poblano pepper
Tapioca – low sugar
choc covered almonds
½ omelet with veggies and cheese
Indv bag of pistachios
½ cup of ham and bean soup (home made)
1 cup of protein shake
Home made enchilada
Ezekial English muffin with devil ham
salad with chicken salad on top
tapioca- low sugar
handful of mixed nuts
taco salad

Even though I told him I know that, it did get me thinking. I have am going out to dinner with a friend tomorrow night and have a dinner party Saturday night.

 I notoriously over eat at these dinner parties. I stuff myself with appetizers first and then have a full meal, only to finish it off with desert. Understanding , I usually don’t eat appetizers or desert, but I go hog wild at these dinner parties for some reason. I don’t drink at them, but I have consumed so many calories it doesn’t really matter.

 I know I am going to Ruby Tuesday’s on Friday night so I looked at the menu already and decided I should probably get the Hickory Bourbon Chicken at 355 calories. I don’t really want it but that is one of the few items on the menu under 700 calories that I will eat. I am thinking that if I am going to splurge on Saturday then I need to make choices on Friday. If that means eating the lower calorie chicken and vegetables, then that is what I have to do. That’s the smart choice.

 Hickory Bourbon Chicken w/ Grilled Zucchini

At the dinner party on Saturday, I can’t eat everything in sight either. I need to leave the appetizers and just eat the meal. If I like the desert I will have a small piece. If not, I won’t have any. I am not a sweet eater so why do I eat it if I don’t even care about it? I need to be mindful to eat foods that I do care about and leave the ones that I don’t.

I have been  trying to eat carbs at only one meal, if I can, and make sure they are the good carbs like brown rice or spelt flour. If Dan has tacos, I have a taco salad.


I have not been drinking at all either. Man, I have to say I am sleeping sooooo well. I am drinking tea at night with my Melatonin and Valerian Root supplements and I have been sleeping great!  The wine put me to sleep but had me wide awake early in the morning and awake for hours! I still wake up but I fall right back to sleep.


So, I am feeling really good eating well, not drinking and sleeping soundly. I have been doing at home exercise that Steve gave me to do and while I struggle to motivate myself to do them, I have been. For me, if I tell someone I am going to do something I do it. Plus, he is having me text him when I do so I kind of have to. HAHA. Whatever works, right

I an do really well when I get in the right mindset. I have been cooking my own foods and bringing them religiously to work and eating them.

I have also been watching my portion sizes and doing the at home exercises Steve gave me to do.

So, wish me well this weekend. I have planned and prepared and I feel good about the eating choices to come!

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