19 lessons everyone should learn

Hey Everyone:

I was talking to a guy at work last week about being 46. I told him I don’t mind being this age, I just don’t know how it got here so damn fast!

Didn’t I just turn 40? Where the heck have the last  6, almost 7 years gone?


I am not ashamed of my age and never lie about it. Matter of fact, I have a bad habit of rounding up to the next year. Although, now that I think about it I haven’t done that since I turned 46!

If we are lucky, we all age… My Dad used to tell me to be grateful for aging, some folks never get the chance to grow old.


Ah, perspective…  Smart man, Dad.

So here are some lessons that I have learned in my later years that have suited me well.

1.       Be kind to people – you never know what folks are going through

2.       Don’t judge – I have learned that you have NO idea what you would do in people’s situations unless you have been through it. Even then, each person’s journey is their own.

3.       Keep your mouth shut – It doesn’t make you look knowledgeable or likeable if you spread gossip about someone. Hurting people won’t make you feel good.

4.       Be happy for people’s success –  Happiness breeds happiness. Sometimes you can’t help feeling a little green eyed, but get over it and realize you can have good things too.

5.       Share how you feel with people – This is hard for me, but I work really hard at it. Life is full of feelings and stifling any of them means not living fully and completely.

6.       Focus on what you are grateful for – As you get older more problems arise; Kids, parents, health, career.. it’s so easy to get caught up in the negative. If you never see the good you will never have good things.

7.       Let go of your past – Nothing holds you prisoner more than not being able to let go of old stuff. If you need to handle it, then do so and move on.

8.       Stop being the “victim” – Nothing gives away your power more than always being the victim.  Take charge of your life and you can change your life.

9.       Stop depending on others for happiness –  Happiness comes from within. You need to create your own happiness. In doing so, no matter what happens you control your happiness.

10.   Take  a chance –  You will never move forward unless you move out of your comfort zone. You want something new and exciting, you need to take a leap

11.   Have faith – Learning to accept that things happen for a reason has been very freeing. It doesn’t mean you are the “victim”, it just means there’s a reason for it and a lesson behind it.

12.   Find the lesson – Instead of thinking woe is me, find the lesson in why something may be happening to you. There is always something to learn if you look.

13.   Lessons keep happening until you get the message- if something keeps coming up for you it’s because you haven’t learned what you were supposed to yet. Sometimes it can take several times.

14.   Learn to set good boundaries – Know what is ok with you and what isn’t. Setting good boundaries allows you have to have the life you want

15.   Know your Values – If you don’t know what is important to you then you will drift afloat. Be very clear and specific about them.

16.   Let go of toxic people- Toxic people will do nothing but drag you down.

17.   Laugh – When was the last time you had a full on belly laugh? Find something that will make you laugh, your health will thank you for it.

18. Treat yourself kindly- We are so hard on ourselves! I have learned to give myself a break if I screw up or drop the ball. Would you beat someone else up for it? You need to love yourself first.

19. Say you are sorry- It can make such a difference to admit you were wrong and simply apologize. Instead of trying to be right, do the right thing. You’ll see a huge difference in your relationships wen you admit to your mistakes and acknowledge them.

Question of the day: What would your number 20 be?

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