Winter Fun

Happy Monday, friends:

We got our first real snowfall on Saturday and we are supposed to get walloped tonight into tomorrow. I don’t mind snow, but I don’t want to lose power! It seems we lose it a lot and we don’t get it back for days!

Please power gods, don’t let us lose power this time!


Going back to not minding the snow, I love the change of seasons. To me, that is the beauty of New England. I used to hate winter, but when Dan and I got married he taught me that if you don’t enjoy the snow, winters will be long! He was so right and I try and get out and enjoy the winter.

I don’t like the ice in the dog park in the winter, but I do love how pretty the trees look with the snow on them and the quiet stillness of the woods. I actually prefer to walk in the winter. I layer up and I am rarely cold. I hate walking in the hot, muggy weather swatting at mosquitos.

 This weekend the park was super icy due to the fluffy snow we got on top of the choppy, icy paths. Sunday morning was difficult walking so we cut the walk short.  Someone was going to fall and break something! We walk at 9:30 and 3:30 on the weekends during the winter months. We allow for a 5 minute rule. If you aren’t there 5 minutes after “walk time” then we start off.  At the 3:30 walk I asked Rosemary if she thought snowshoes would help us not slide on the ice. We both agreed we would bring ours and see.

Dan and I bought our snowshoes about 10 years ago for  ½ price in March. We tried them once and put them in the basement never to be used again.  Outta sight, outta mind! So, I was happy to use them in the park yesterday.

They were awesome!

The wide width of them and the 2 cleats at the bottom helped us stayed balanced and dug into the snow. The walk in the afternoon was such fun, especially compared to the barely tolerable morning walk.

Now that I have pulled my snowshoes out I am keeping them in the car so I will have them readily available. I’d love to go into the woods snowshoeing some afternoon. It’s great exercise.

We have a Cross Country and Snow shoeing place near us that is beautiful! Dan and I used to Cross Country ski at Windblown in New Ipswich, NH  quite a bit many years ago. We haven’t been in some time but I’d love to get back up there and do some snow shoeing. Not that there aren’t many beautiful places to go near me in the woods.


We have a ton of paths and trails right near home.


Holden Woods

Townsend Town Forest

Haines Conservation Land

Henry E Cowdrey Nature Center

I have to say I love where we live. These are all about 10 minutes away from us at the most. It’s a free, peaceful and serene way to spend a winter’s day.

I came home and dished out some bubbly, rib warming, stick to your bones homemade beef stew that was cooking in the crockpot all day. MMM MM


I ended the evening by soaking in a hot bubble bath to relax while reading some magazines.

How can you hate winter after a day like that?

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