Girls weekend away to the White Mountains

Hey, hey! How are you all?

I am excited because I just booked a girl’s weekend away for the end of February.

Whoot, Whoot!

Where am I going?

My friend, Sue and I are heading up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I had seen an advertisement for some Ice Castles on Face Book and I wanted to check them out. They are manmade ice castles up by Loon Mountain and at night they are supposed to be spectacular! This includes well over an acre of ice towers, archways, and walking pathways.  At night they are all lit up with different colors. I have never done anything like this so I thought it might be fun. It’s only $12.95 for adults and $8.95 for kids on the weekends


Totally affordable

Sue and I wanted to stay a few nights up in the Mountains and I knew exactly where to stay!

Many years ago I used to stay at the Mountain Fare Inn in Campton, NH. I found it by accident and a friend and I used to go there quite a bit on summer vacations. The Inn is old, charming and comfortable. It is filled with antiques but the kind that are warm and inviting. The Inn keepers were easy going and helpful.

Mountain Fare Inn

I haven’t been up there in more than 20 years but I never forgot the Inn and that was my first thought to stay. I called and made reservations and it was as affordable as it was all those years ago. $110 (plus tax) a night,you can’t beat it.  This includes a hot breakfast and it’s right near Waterville Valley and Loon Mountain.

Besides the Ice Castle Sue and I want to do some snow shoeing up at Waterville.  I have 2 pairs of snow shoes so I can bring those with us and we can just pay for a trail pass.

Snow shoeing is awesome exercise!

Sue also mentioned ice skating. There is a skating rink at Waterville where we can rent skates and hit the ice. I am afraid I will do just that! I am not the best skater.

Fact about me: My first date with Dan was ice skating. He LOVES to skate and skates beautifully. I put my left foot on the ground and keep pushing off with my right foot. Kinda like a scooter. LOL. I didn’t fall skating with him but I DID fall coming out of the restaurant we went to after. There was a cement ramp and I had on cute shoes… Well, my feet shot out from under me and I fell on my ass in front of Dan and another couple coming in. Dan told them I had touch to rink and he was going to go home and roll me into bed. I think I had had one beer!

Anyway, I am really looking forward to going away. I haven’t been up to the White Mountains in years and I have missed it. Can’t wait to see the Inn again and enjoy some time in the mountains.

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