Being different

Hey Guys: We seriously have snowmaggedon going on in New England. We have 4 feet of snow out there with another potential 18 inches by Tuesday! That’s a lot of snow!

So yesterday someone said something to me that got me thinking. What did they say?

“You and I are so different in so many ways”

Now, this may not have meant to be a negative thing but I kinda got the feeling it wasn’t a good thing.

I got thinking about this a lot and I realized that I am typically attracted to people that are different from me.  I love to meet people who have different view points and interests because I learn and grown from them. My little world grows bigger and I experience more about life. I already know about me so if I keep meeting people like me, I won’t learn much new, will I?


When I first met a good friend of mine I was 19. I remember exactly what I was wearing when I met her. I had on a blue fox fur coat, high heeled boots, jeans and a sweatshirt. My hair was done and I had my make up on.

This looked just like my coat!

My friend was in jeans and boots and a barn coat. She was looking naturally pretty with barely any makeup and her hair braided. I never did anything outside and she rode horses and kayaked!

Oh and I smoked at the time!

We were as different as night and day. But it was so great because she excepted my girly, frou frou ways and I accepted her all american sporty girl way.  We have been great friends for coming up on 30 years (yikes!) and I have learned so much from her in all this time. She is brave, independent and wears her heart on her sleeve.

I can definitely see how I have learned to be a better person from her traits that are so different than mine. Hopefully, she learned some things from me too that she doesn’t have as natural traits.

I love to have an open mind and see what people can teach me. I may not always agree with someone but it’s so fun to see what I could learn.

In college I was getting a new room mate that I didn’t know. In walked a 6 foot girl with punk hair and clothes. She towered over my 5 foot 3 size and I thought “oh great”.

She was the best room mate ever!

We didn’t fight because we weren’t competitive about clothes, make up or guys! We both had open mind about each other and I came to love Echo and the Bunnymen because of her.  She taught me that I can learn from not like minded people and it can be fun and exciting. We had a great year together and she was my all time favorite room mate because of our differences. It was so refreshing to meet someone new and different.

When I look at my friends most of them aren’t like me in many ways. Of course we have some common interests but what I love about the friendship are the areas that aren’t in common.

Our friendship is never dull and we always have a lot to talk about and discuss.

Seek out someone different from you and keep an open mind and see what you learn! Bet you’ll find it can be fun and refreshing.

I am not sure I would have had all the adventures I have had,  been as brave as I have or as independent if it weren’t for having different types of friends that have taught me so much and made my life fun.

Oh, and I don’t wear fur anymore or dress up to impress anyone unless I have to. I have loosened up a whole bunch and don’t take myself and life so seriously.

Thanks Guys!


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