My house survey

Hey Guys:

 Another work from home day for me. It’s been 2 days at home and another tomorrow and Friday! I was glad to get to Spin tonight to see some other faces!

 I saw a Survey on another Blog that looked like fun so I thought I’d do my own. I am addicted to those quizzes on Face Book. I do them all!

Here we go:

My house survey:

1.       Chore I like to do:

 Cleaning closets! I feel so good purging things and making space. I have always enjoyed doing this and have recently offered to help other women with their closets. You can’t bring things in if you don’t make room.


2.       Biggest house disaster:

Um, every room but the study and my bathroom seems to have crap in it. God love Dan, he helps around the house a ton, but he leaves S**T in his wake. He never puts away anything when he is done so he may clean my bathroom but the cleaner remains on the floor unless I put it away. I told him recently we need to tackle all the rooms and put things somewhere.


3.       Before company arrives I hide:

All the dog hair. I love Molly to death but even though she has super short hair she sheds a lot!  Could be that or dust. It’s a tie.

4.       Last thing I bought on-line:

A really upscale jogging outfit. I had been looking at it for months but was too cheap to pay $159 for it. It went on sale around Christmas an d I bought it for $83.00. They were back ordered on the color so I am still waiting for it.

 Chic zippered sport coordinates

5.       I hate to shop for:

Shoes. I am just not a shoe person. I used to have one pair of brown and one pair of black and wear either pair depending on what I have on. I have bought a few more pairs but I just don’t have or understand the shoe obsession that other women have.

6.       Favorite family ritual:

Walking the dog in the dog park every night. We meet a group of people every day and walk 2 miles around the park, usually rain, snow or humidity.

7.       I sleep in:

A big oversized T-shirt and underwear. I hate to have clothes cling to me when I sleep. The thought of a long night gown or shirt wrapping around my legs and trapping me makes me want to crawl out of my skin. I cannot understand how people sleep in sweats or a sweatshirt. Ugh, for me the less the better.  Yes, for those who are wondering this, I have slept nude but I feel if someone breaks into the house or the house catches on fire I am too vulnerable.

8.       I am currently reading:

Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity series. My friend got me hooked on these. They are all mysteries, a little supernatural, funny and light hearted. I used to read murder, kidnapping and rape stories but I can’t read them anymore. I won’t read anything that isn’t a little bit silly. Life is filled enough with real life horror stories. I just don’t want to read that anymore.


9.       How did I ever live without:

Molly. Come on, you knew I was going to say that. I LOVE her to death. Sometimes I truly feel like she is my BFF. We spend a whole lot of time together, she takes care of my needs and I take care of hers. What better friendship than that?

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