6 cures for cabin fever

Hey Everyone:

Been awhile since I have written but we have been snowed in and just busy!


We all have cabin fever right now, including the dog. She has been irritable and grouchy like the rest of us. I have been admonishing her way more than usual, but she can’t help feeling cooped up either!

New England has gotten like 7 feet of snow in 17 days or some crazy record! Roads have been shut down and the government officials are encouraging people to stay home.

What do you do when you are stuck at home?


Here are my top tips for cabin fever:

1. Snuggle: There is a reason there are so many babies born after a blizzard or storm! Life gets busy and you may not have enough together time. Take advantage of being stuck and focus on each other. Light the fire, have some wine and enjoy each other.

2. Play games– Dan and I play cribbage and when we are stuck we will pull out the cards and have a friendly competition. In the October Halloween storm a few years back I made Dan and Danny play Yahtzee every night for 5 nights. It was a nice way to spend family time together and it was fun! I did the same to my friend, Pam, during Hurricane Bob on the Cape many, many years ago. I found our old score cards not that long ago!

3. Clean – When you are trapped in the house with nothing to do cleaning is a great way to pass the time. Yesterday Dan spent about an hour cleaning out his closet purging old clothes. In the last storm I cleaned out the linen closet and now have a ton of linens to donate to our local animal shelter.

4. Cook – A snow storm is a great day to try  a nice crock pot or warm new meal. Pull out the cookbooks and try something yummy. It makes the house smell great and it’s so nice to be warm and toasty eating a comfort meal while the snow is falling outside.

5. Reminisce  – A few years back during  snow storm Dan and I pulled out old photo albums and thought about old times. We found ticket stubs, programs and pictures that we had completely forgotten about. Thinking about past trips was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

6. Read– You know that book you have been meaning to get to but never have time? Being house bound is a great way to catch up on a book that you just haven’t found the time for. Magazines are fun to flip through too for a quick glance at something.


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