5 ways to feel love and connected

Hey Ladies:


With Valentine’s Day just passed I want to talk about love and connection, with other people OR yourself. I heard so many people say they didn’t have a Valentines this year.

 Just because you think you don’t have a special Valentine I am here to tell you, you do.

 The most important one ever- YOU!

 So here we go…

5  Ways to feel love and connection

1.       Love yourself first – The most important love affair you will ever in your whole life have is with yourself. You cannot love someone else or expect someone to love you if you don’t even love yourself.  How do you love yourself? Stop saying negatives thing to yourself, be kind and compassionate and treat yourself like you would a best friend. YOU should be your best friend. Take care of yourself as best as you possibly can. No one should ever be able to treat you better than you. Once you have an awesome love for yourself, you will with others.

2.       Let go of the past –  So many people live in the past and won’t let it go. How can you be connected to people if you are still in the past?  People are here in front of you right now. Let go of the past and focus on who is right in front of you right now. Pay attention and give them your attention instead of focusing on things that are done and can’t be changed.

3.       Share of yourself with others –  I used to believe that listening to others was being connected. That was only part of having a connection. I didn’t like sharing my feelings with other people, but I would listen to them all day. I realized that in order to have connection YOU have to connect and the way to do that is to share. Connection is two things or people so one person alone is not a connection. Make sense? Can you connect with yourself? Absolutely! Be open and honest about what you think and feel. Accept and acknowledge and you will have a deeper connection with yourself.

4.       Be a cheerleader –  If someone you know gets that promotion that they deserve or gets engaged to the person of their dreams, cheer them on! Lifting people up and being genuinely happy for them puts positive vibes out into the world. Be happy with someone is such a great way to share a connection. Positive thoughts and actions brings positive results. You may feel a bit envious and green eyed, but look at it this way, good things CAN happen and if they happen to someone else why not to you too? If something great happened to you, be YOUR own cheerleader.  You don’t have to go around bragging but definitely tell yourself how proud you are of yourself.

5. Listen–  did you ever hear that saying  “God gave us 2 ears and a mouth for a reason?” Well, that is so true. Instead of talking and telling people what you know, stay quiet and listen. Often times, people need someone to just hear them in order to feel better. Sitting quietly and giving someone your total,undivided attention is a better way to connect than trying to tell them your similar experience. You’ll feel an amazing connection if you are present and truly listen and “get” someone.

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