7 Ways to have a better day when you are down

Hey, hey:

How are you? Today I was not having a good day. A lot of things just caught up to me and I was feeling particularly down.

Who hasn’t been here, right? Luckily, there are some quick and easy ways to feel more cheerful when life has you down.

Here are my top ways to lift your spirits when you are down in the dumps.

1.       Get one with nature – Stop lying on the bed or sitting on the couch and wallowing in your troubles.  Grab your sneakers and get outside. In a report from the University of Minnesota nature:

·         Heals

·         Soothes

·         Restores

·         Connects

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out and connect with nature. Pay attention to the beauty surrounding you and really take in the peace and serenity. Breathe in good vibes as you walk and exhale the bad into the open, clean air.

2.       Give in to your feelings – I read an article lately that said pasting a smile on your face when you feel like having a meltdown might not be the best thing.  Have you ever felt like crying and tried not to? It makes you feel worse, right?  You know that feeling… if someone says just one little thing like “ are you ok?” you will completely lose it.  Or if you are angry and your significant other leaves dishes in the sink or something else that irritates you you might blast them, when in fact, you are angry at something else. Have that good cry or let your anger go in a healthy way and move on!  Holding on to the emotions just makes the feeling last longer and doesn’t resolve it.

3.       Do something that makes you happy – If you love playing ball with your dog, grab Fido and go and play! If dancing is your thing, turn on the radio and start shaking things up. You may not feel like engaging at first, but the more you do the activity the better you will feel. It’s always hardest to get started, but once you do you will feel a whole lot better.

4.       Think bigger  – Someone or something may have upset your apple cart but in the big scheme of life is it all that important? We tend to get caught up in a small world, but when you think of how this fits into your overall life does it matter all that much? Will this still upset you a month from now or a year?  It seems important today, but putting it into perspective is it really?

5.       Take a group exercise class – Nothing will take your mind off your troubles like trying to follow steps in a Zumba, Yoga or Spin class. The music is blaring ,the walls are thumping and you are sweating just trying to keep up with everyone else.  A class is also full of energy from the music and the other folks in the class grooving and moving. It’s tough to stay in a bad mood when you are part of something that has such powerful energy.

6.       Allow yourself to let go of the feeling –  Believe it or not we can choose to keep feeling badly about a situation or to let it go.  The choice is ours and when we decide to keep hanging on to the negative feelings we are making ourselves the victim.  You may have every right to feel sad, mad or hurt but by choosing not to let go of the feeling is giving way too much power over a person or situation. Take control back and allow yourself to feel the feeling but then release it.

7. Use your energy to complete a task –  If you are feeling any feeling that is an energy. Take those feelings and put them to good use.  You have an abundance of energy when you are angry. Don’t let it go to waste. Put that energy into completing or starting a project that you have been procrastinating on. Even feeling sad is an energy and although at times we think it drains us, sadness can be converted into good energy. Tap into those vibes and accomplish something.

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