One woman on a mission to change the lives of other women

Meet Tina Potenti!

I have been wanting to interview Tina for a while now. She is a regular girl, just like you and I, with hard work, clean eating and exercise she took control of her life and lost 70 pounds in two years. By herself, no less.

Tina’s journey started with her discovering her husband was having an affair. One day she had a family and the next she was on her own,

She said the end of her marriage was kind of like a death and she had so much time on her hands with nothing to do. Her doctor had been telling her she was fat ( at her heaviest she was 5 feet and 189 pounds) and that her cholesterol was sky high and she would have to go on medication soon.
Tina decided she loves music so she grabbed her ear buds and started walking. In just 7 months Tina lost 40 pounds by walking, nothing else and eating healthy. Now that she didn’t have to cook for anyone else she could make healthier meals.

But how? Eating healthy is confusing so she asked a friend who was a wrestler and he told her to stay away from boxed foods and just eat one ingredient foods. When I asked her what that looked like she said you can combine for example: chicken, broccoli, carrots and garlic. All of these are just one ingredient.

A sample of her breakfast looks like eggs and oatmeal with some fruit.

When I asked Tina about eating out, which is my downfall, she said she eats at certain paces only like seafood restaurants, hibachi or steakhouses. She can get protein and veggies and tells them not to brush her meat with butter. She can customize what she eats at these types of places. She also watches her alcohol intake, but if she does have a beverage she chooses vodka or white wine.

She also doesn’t believe in “cheat days” because she feels it is too hard to get back on track after you cheat. Leftovers are also an issue because now you have 2 cheat days instead of one so Tina tries to go as log as she can without cheating. She made a good point in that  a habit takes 21 days to for and if you heat weekly you are NEVER forming the habit to eat healthy.

When I asked her what keeps her motivated she said seeing results but also the role model she has become for other women, People she doesn’t even know will stop her at work and ask her how she lost the weight. In some ways she feels she has to keep being a role model for other folks.

People so much sought out her advice that she was begged to start a site for advice, support, recipes, sharing etc… and Cupcakes Anonymous was born. Tina had 100 people in a few short days join the group. It’s a Face Book page that people can turn to for any support they need in their journey.

Before and after – Guess which one is which?

Tina also started the BNY unofficial team fitness group. In the summer Tina and some friends found places to exercise and she got quite the following. Come colder weather Tina asked if she could bring it inside and now folks can go to a room at work Mon thru Friday from 12-1 and work out to a T25 video.

Following a 70 pound weight loss in 2 years, Tina started modeling.  Her cousin told her she spent so much time hiding from the camera that she should try to be in front of it now. It is local photographers who are looking for subjects and Tina models once or twice a month for exchange of small sitting fees, clothes or make up.

She is now a associate model and occasional columnist for Gray Mode Images magazine.

From going from the “fat girl” (her words) to being healthy and in shape she has found a new found confidence and improved self esteem. She did find some acquaintances weren’t always supportive and she did get dome unexpected negativity. All in all though the response has been positive.

Tina’s goal is to work part time as a certified trainer/ nutritionist and make training affordable for folks. Tina wants to offer the help and guidance she would have liked on her path to a healthy life.

In Tina’s words, ” I started to use my new found networking and notoriety to promote fund raising opportunities. This year I organized a donation to Abby House and helped fund The Love Alive Charity Food Event in Jacksonville FL that fed hundreds of our homeless and I spent the holiday season with a small team of people to deliver meals to the underprivileged and served the bishops dinner to the homeless and I want to do more charity work related to fitness and health causes…

Tina is always open to helping as many people as she can and anyone looking for assistance can feel free to contact her through her own Face Book page or Cupcakes Anonymous on Face Book.

“One woman on a mission to change the lives of others”

I think she is already on her way!

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