21 Day Detox

Hey Happy Thursday!

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I am participating in a 21 day Detox Challenge through my gym, Global Fitness beginning on March 2nd.

When people hear detox they immediately think of alcohol and although that is included, it is detoxing of foods such as sugar, processed foods, alcohol, grains, dairy and other foods that cause inflammation and fat.

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I decided to accept this challenge as I was eating really well and gave up alcohol from January 1 –  February and my clothes were tighter than ever! I got frustrated and started eating and drinking whatever I wanted again but I know this will not serve me. I want to lose about 10 pounds and I need a kick start.

So, I signed up for the program figuring I can handle 21 days of eliminating all the toxins that are making me fat.

On Sunday I headed out shopping with the shopping list I was sent. I pic ked up my meats, vegetables, salads and fruits. We aren’t allowed dairy so I picked up almond milk unsweetened and coconut dairy creamer.

$113.00 dollars later I arrived home with my 7 shopping bags and my healthy food.

I decided to sautéed  chopped Brussel sprouts in olive oil and squeeze lime on top as a side dish.

I made a frittata made with almond milk and vegetables. I would normally add cheese but since it is not allowed on the diet I left it out.

I also sautéed some leeks and added them to scrambled eggs. Eggs are going to be my staple breakfast for the next 3 weeks!


I bought a shrimp cocktail ring and I will have that along with salad and vegetables for lunch. I made an easy olive oil and vinegar dressing.

I also bought taco meat for taco salads and a roasted chicken so I can make chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo.


For snacks I sliced up 2  Zucchinis on a mandolin and roasted them in the oven with olive oil and salt. I got impatient though and turned up the oven after 2 hours at 225 to 350 degrees and proceeded to burn them to a crisp. I don’t actually mind the taste so I brought them along to work anyway.

Here is what my menu looked like today:

 Coffee with coconut dairy creamer



Zucchini chips


Salad and veggies with oil and vinegar dressing

100 calorie bag of walnuts and almonds

Pork and veggies

64 ounces of water!!!

I can do this for three weeks!

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