Week one of my detox diet- just a tiny melt down

Happy Monday!


I started a 21 day detox last week and I completed the week yesterday. Here is how the week went.

 On day one I felt like I was already losing weight. My tight jeans felt a little looser and I started on a very positive note.

 On Wednesday Steve measured me for the first time in almost a year and a half because I know I need to knock off some weight and we need a starting point.  I was not too eager to be weighed or measured but I knew we needed to do this.


 My weight was 144 pounds, which was the exact weight I came to Steve with when I first started with him. The good news is I have gained 8 pounds of muscle since then, but the bad news is I was 136 pounds back in September. Although I do have a lot of muscle, I need to knock off some fat that is covering it.

 I hadn’t been able to get to the gym much at all this winter and I think I held on to some weight due to stress.

 So, I am doing this 21 day detox and Steve is ramping up my exercise program for the next 3 months.

 The detox is eliminating sugar, flour, dairy, beans, grains, alcohol and some other things. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I was determined to do this and just get a jump start on my weight loss.


I shopped and prepared my foods all week on Sunday and I was so prepared for the week of eating ahead. I cheated a bit by having some alcohol in my Picatta sauce but it wasn’t much and I had dairy in a  sauce over my steak. When I tell you there was just  a little of both, I mean a little.

 Dan and I even went out to dinner Saturday and I knew what I was getting beforehand and stuck to it without having the nice hot rolls placed before me. I even picked out the croutons in my Cesar salad.

 On Sunday I went to Target and saw the CUTEST shorts. I picked them up and put them down like 5 times.  I am not an impulse shopper but I find if I can’t leave something then I really want it.


 I grabbed the shorts in my size and trotted off to the fitting room.

 They didn’t freakin’ fit. Not by a long shot.



 I slunk from the dressing room and put the stupid shorts back and fumed the whole time in Target talking to myself- out loud.

 “ I have been so diligent in this stupid diet, drinking a ton of water and looking up recipes. I work out, I am trying my best and I am STILL fat”. That was something like what was going through my head.

 Now those of you who know me know I am not fat, I know that, but I am big for ME.  I don’t want to get any bigger and I do have some fat to lose.

 I went through the rest of my day but I just couldn’t shake this feeling of feeling let down. I just feel I try so hard and I don’t know what else to do?!

 So I emailed  Steve and it went just like this “ Ok, I am seriously too FAT! I am not fitting into anything and I haven’t been this big in years. If I don’t lose weight on this detox I am going to cry”

 No drama there, right?

 His response was, ‘”What do your portions sizes look like?”

 Ah, portions!


 I kinda forgot about those. I DO tend to over eat. Dan tells me that all the time. I’ll go for seconds after he is done (with his bird like portions, if you ask me.) However, I do know I eat too much.

 I actually felt better instantly once I had a game plan. I am going to get back to the gym regularly now that I can and I am going to watch portions. Also, once the weather gets nicer my co-worker and I will start walking at lunch again.

 I can do that. By Steve simply mentioning portions I felt like I could DO something about it. I freaked a little when I felt like I was doing all that I could and it still wasn’t working.

 I also needed to vent to someone. Once I get something off my chest I feel so much better. After thanking him for being there on his day only day off, I have a plan and week 2 will be better.

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