Portion Distortion

Happy Hump Day!  I did my first walk of Spring (?) at work yesterday. My co-worker and I took a 45 minute walk at lunch and moved our bodies! It felt good to get out again instead of all the sitting we do.

 After my melt down to Steve the other day about being fat I told you that he replied and asked me about portion sizes. What I didn’t mention is what he told me portions should be. I thought he was totally wrong so I omitted what he told me.

 He told me that I should be eating:

 2 oz of red meat

3 of chicken, pork and turkey

4-6  of fish

  I thought he was out of his mind with the 2 and 3 ounces of red meat and white meat. I mentioned this conversation with my coworker and she told me he was right. I didn’t believe her either so she said “ Google it.” I did and to my surprise he was right.

 I am an over eater.

 over eating

I was truly under the impression ( I think I got this from Atkins Diet) that you could eat all the meat and veggies you wanted to if you skipped the carbs. Dan and I rarely eat carbs with dinner so I have been loading up on meat and a few veggies.

 Last night Dan and I had a steak for dinner. He made one for himself and another for me. After having this conversation with Steve I said to Dan, “I should cut this in half, it’s way more than 2 ounces.”  I swear had Steve not mentioned this I would have eaten the whole steak and not thought a thing about it.

 Dan and I both cut it in half and now we have another meal.

Even though I know about portion control and think about it I was so unaware of how much a portion actually is. I know the whole “deck of cards” analogy for meat but I justified that I am not eating carbs so I can load up on the meat.


Even my fruit intake is probably actually 2 or 3 servings instead of the one that I think it is. I read this morning that 15 green grapes is a serving. Hah, I can eat double that!


As careful as I can be about what I eat, I meal plan each Sunday for the week, I exercise and limit my alcohol consumption, but I DON’T portion my meals.

 Do you know many chicken breasts are over 4 ounces? I would eat one without even thinking about it.

 I found the below chart from : Skinny Kitchen

“The best way to meet your protein needs is to consume a variety of protein-rich foods. As a general rule, you don’t need to seek out protein-fortified foods to meet your requirements. If you do choose protein-fortified options, be sure to make sure it’s a healthy choice and not rich in added sugars.”


Serving Size

Protein Content (grams)


3 oz



3 oz



3 oz



3 oz


Greek yogurt

1 cup



3 oz



½ cup



1 cup



1 cup



1 cup


Veggie Burger

1 patty


Cottage cheese

½ cup


Regular Yogurt

1 cup



1 cup



1 cup



1 oz


Egg, medium

1 whole


Peanut butter

1 T



1 oz


 The Skinny Kitchen states “The body best uses protein when it’s divided into 25-30 gram servings. If you eat more than 30 grams protein at one time, your body can’t process that much and it’s likely to be stored as body fat”

 That makes sense. So what that means is if I eat a 5 ounce piece of meat at dinner then anything over 30 grams of protein will be stored as fat. Since I over eat meat quite a bit then I am storing a lot of fat.

 I get it! This finally makes sense to me.

Someone suggested I get a scale and weigh my food for a while. I don’t think that is a bad idea since I seem to have NO clue what a portion should be.

I had a small chicken breast for dinner last night with some veggies and I wasn’t starving.

I am starting to see the light.

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