2 tips that might be sabotaging good eating habits

Hi Everyone:

Happy Hump Day:

 Going into my third and final week of this detox diet! I don’t really feel like I have lost a lot of weight but I do feel like I have learned a  lot. Maybe because my mind was open to hearing things, I don’t know. Most of it were things I already knew but just didn’t click for me for some reason.

I have already spoken about the portions that I had been eating. I am modifying my portions greatly and I think this will be a huge help. After the detox is over, I think I can go back to what I used to eat, but in more modification. I didn’t eat horribly, just too much of everything.

I got an e-mail from Paleohacks this morning. I get their newsletters and breeze through them but this morning’s e-mail really hit home for me.


Dave from Paleohacks wrote about the  3 biggest Paleo mistakes that are sabotaging your fat loss.

 I violate the first two in a big way and his e-mail this morning just made me “get it”.


1.       Going overboard with paleo baked goods –  Dave states that although these are much better than processed baked goods they can be still full of calories and fat and should still be treated as a treat and eaten occasionally. I have been making almond flour muffins by the batches and eating them every morning for breakfast. I was thinking they were carb free and full of protein. The problem is they are full of calories and fat! He’s right, I would never eat a regular muffin every day and I need to treat these the same way. OMG, I can see now why I was having such a hard time keeping off the weight, never mind continuing to gain weight when I thought I was doing all the “right” things.

2.       Going nuts with nuts –  Although nuts have very healthy fats, they too, are loaded with fat and calories. It is easy to over eat nuts and pack on the weight. I am a nut fanatic. I love the crunchy, salty satisfaction I get from eating nuts. I eat them every day and I eat them by the handfuls. They tend to be my go to snack and I love to grab handfuls of them in between or after a meal! Again, thinking I am not eating carbs and nuts are protein, I eat away.  I don’t eat much nut butters but nuts and nut butters can easily sneak on the calories and fat if you overeat them as many people do. Dave says you should only eat 1-2 servings per day, tops! I know I eat way more than my share. It’s all about knowing portions!

 His third tip was not to over juice as juice can have many calories and unwanted sugar. I don’t juice at all but his e-mail was so informative that I wanted to share his last tip for you folks who do juice.

 Dave’s e-mail this morning was so eye opening to me. I have heard a million times about nuts and nut butters but you know how sometimes someone just says something and you just suddenly “get it”. That was his e-mail for me today.

 So, although I was disappointed at first that I didn’t lose more weight on this detox, I gained so much more!

 The detox was a good exercise and I am glad I did it, but for different reasons than I ever thought.  My mind seemed open to receiving messages that I have heard, but didn’t register.

 Going forward I don’t think I need to do a detox or a diet. I need to cut down on food sizes, treat even “healthy” baked goods as a treat and keep the nut snacking to a minimum.

 With just these simple modifications, I can still eat the foods I want and keep my weight at a  number I am happy with.

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