Chicken, lemon, spinach, ricotta and pasta

Hey, hey:

 I told you yesterday that I was a cooking machine yesterday. One meal has been floating around on Facebook and I was dying to make it. It consists of lemon, ricotta cheese, chicken, spinach and pasta. All of my favs!


So, I saved the recipe and went about making it yesterday. A few ladies at the dinner party on Saturday said they had seen the recipe and have book marked it too!

 Instead of regular pasta I used a Brown Rice Pasta. I use Brown Rice  a lot for pasta dishes and I really like it. To me, I can’t really tell the difference. Keep in mind, it is still a carb so you can’t over load it every day.


I boiled up the pasta and the recipe said to keep one cup of the pasta water saved for later.

 I drained the water and added a bit of olive oil to the pasta and I grated the lemon zest until I was out of lemons to zest. I LOVE lemon and it just can’t be too lemony for me so I added more zest than what the recipe said and I squeezed fresh lemons until no more juice came out!


I threw in handfuls of the baby spinach and let it wilt down in the pot. I heated it a bit on the stove and let it reduce. Once it did, I added a few dollops of the ricotta (maybe ¼ cup and gave it a stir to coat everything.  When everything was done I added diced chicken. I sprinkled on some grated Parmesan cheese for taste.

 OMG, it was so easy and deliciously lemony! I kept adding lemon and I never needed the reserved pasta water because I think I added so much more lemon. I could see where it might get sticky so If yours is too much so, add the pasta water a little at a time.

 I asked Dan to try it and he really enjoyed it. I purposely didn’t tell him it was Brown Rice pasta and he didn’t even realize. I told him afterwards in which he said it was, “ok” but if I hadn’t told him, I guarantee you he wouldn’t have known.

 My plan was to bring this for lunches this week. I am now aware of portion sizes so I made less pasta and really bumped up the spinach and chicken in the meal.

 I still portioned out a small size and I paired it with some grapes.

This is definitely a keeper for me! This is the kind of meal I could eat every day. You could add mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes or grape tomatoes if the mood fancies you. I also adore garlic and you could add to this dish too. I just didn’t want to stink out my office, but I bet it would be yummy!

 You could also add a side salad or veggies with a light dressing for a fuller meal.

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