Eat for your ideal weight

appy, happy Thursday!
I know you guys have been listening to me rattle on about portions lately.
I have to say I was so proud of myself today, twice! I was about to polish off the rest of my pasta dish for lunch and I looked at and realized it was probably two servings. So, I very reluctantly split the dish in half and put the other half away.
I thought I was going to be starving but I have to say, I wasn’t. I ate an orange along with it and I was fine for the afternoon.
As I was making my breakfast for tomorrow I was going to do the same thing with my hard boiled eggs. I chopped them up and was going to just finish them tomorrow but again, I thought about it and there were really way too many eggs. I split the bowl, which didn’t leave me a whole lot of eggs, but I added some roasted carrots and turnips to the meal and that will suffice just fine.
I am learning!
I found a great article today on Yahoo about blasting belly fat.
One tip from Zero Belly was to eat for your ideal weight.
What does that mean?
Take your ideal weight and multiply it by .08. That is how many grams of protein you should have in a day to reach your ideal weight. So,my ideal weight is 130. 130X .08 = 102 grams of protein per day. If you are eating 5 small meals that means 20 grams in each meal.
How do I know how much that is? I found this other cool site, – My Protein Foods! that tells you.
  This is all starting to make so much sense to me now. I can totally see where I was waaay over eating protein and now I get why I couldn’t lose the weight even though I was eating “good”.
I looked up how much 20 grams of protein is roughly and it’s about 3 ounces. So, I can have 3 ounces for 5 meals OR space them out differently depending on what I eat.
Being aware of what true portions are has been such an interesting experience. I thought I would be starving by cutting back but I actually feel great.
Finding this information about my ideal protein amount has been super helpful and the chart telling me what foods has how much protein has been awesome.
I feel like I can do this now. Before I just felt so lost and didn’t know what to eat, how much and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing.
I feel like I have the tools now and it isn’t so frustrating and can be kinda fun.
Ok, maybe fun isn’t the word but I feel powerful and in control.
For the first time ever, I can eat real food, even indulge in moderation and lose weight.


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