Hampton Beach Girl’s weekend away- Part 1

Hey Everyone:


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great as I had a girl’s weekend away in Hampton Beach, NH. It was fun packed and  I will have to split it up in sections to tell you all of it!

I really wanted to get a facial or massage so I looked on-line to see what I could find in the Hampton area for packages. I came across Spectra Salon and they were having Customer appreciation month and they had awesome deals!


I chose the 45/45 package, which consisted of a 45 minute facial and a 45 minute massage. Normally $100.00, but $80.00 for that day’s special.  I had a massage once before my wedding and I wasn’t really a fan, to be honest. Lying butt naked on a table while someone you have never met before rubs oil on your body kinda weirded me out. I am a little older now and less inhibited so I thought I’d give it a shot. I have never had a facial so I was anxious to try that.

Sue chose a mani and pedi for her services and she got a choice of wine or champagne to sip as she got her treatment.

Sue and I got up to NH on Saturday afternoon and went right to the salon. They took us right in and we got started!

First up was my facial.  A lovely girl, named, Katie set me up on the bed under some sheets with a towel wrapped around me. The room was warm and dark and cozy.


When she came back I asked her about sun damage. I have sat out and baked in the sun for years and was afraid to hear how badly my face  was damaged. She said for someone who has been  a Sun Goddess and doesn’t use sunscreen (I know!) my face wasn’t that bad. She obviously encouraged me to use sunscreen but she said my face was more dehydrated than anything. She misted my face to open my pores and put on  mask, cleaned out more pores and used a hot towel on my face. I chatted the whole time, but I know many people just lay back and enjoy. Maybe next time, this time I had questions!

I really enjoyed the whole facial process and there was not one bit of pressure to buy any of the products. I was expecting a big sell up after it was over for the products she used on my skin. Katie gave me the leftover mask she used on my face but didn’t once try to sell me anything! She was lovely and I would highly recommend a facial with her. She was knowledgeable and didn’t lecture about any bad habits.

Once we were done with the facial I move to the massage room to meet with Monica. She was also very nice and asked me if I had any issues or pains. As it happens, for the past week I was having pain down my right arm into my hand. Molly has been crowding me in the bed and I think I slept funky one night and I felt like I had a pinched nerve. I could feel it when I moved my head forward.

Monica could feel a knot between my shoulders and by the base of my neck. She really worked that area and I have to say it was quite painful. I could feel pain into both arms as she worked out the knot. We also chatted the whole time as we had many interests in common.  She is very spiritual and I found her fascinating to speak with.


Everyone wanted to know if I liked the massage this time. I was completely comfortable with Monica and the spa itself. I did not feel awkward or uncomfortable having no clothes on and with a stranger touching me. At no time was I thinking “ I can’t wait for this to be over”.

When I first booked the massage I was hoping for a relaxing message. However, with the pain in my arm it ended up being more of a ‘fix it” message. It was painful as the message was happening but I felt so much better once was finished.  My arms didn’t have pain shooting into my hands anymore. She asked me if my hand sometimes tingle and they do. Monica said I hold my stress in my neck and shoulders and I could use a  good massage once a month and encouraged me to foam roll. Steve had me foam rolling on Saturday morning but I just couldn’t find the “spot”. Now that I know where it is I can concentrate on rolling that area.

I would love to go back and have a more relaxing massage with Monica. The timing was perfect, though, for my issue and I am grateful I saw her and she was able to help me with it.

Sue also enjoyed her spa treatments. We would both highly recommend Spectra Salon and go back ourselves.

The staff was  super friendly, it was clean, they were on time and the prices were reasonable. I might even go back for a day trip and get something done.

That’s how much I enjoyed it.

If you find yourself in the Hampton Beach area and are looking for Salon Services check them out:


Spectra Salon and Spa

845 Lafayette Rd #3, Hampton, NH 03842

(603) 929-6450

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