Hall and Oates

Happy, happy Thursday!

This is my last review on my girl’s weekend away in Hampton Beach and it is the real reason we chose this spot.

Hall and Oates concert at the Hampton Ballroom Casino!


You know, I love the show Daryl’s House. It is Daryl Hall jamming with other musicians at his cool, ass house in New York. It’s a great show and it really show cases what a great musician he is. Hall and Oates did not do his talent any justice. Although I am a huge Hall and Oates fan, Daryl has so much more talent than you realize from his pop songs.

I was looking to take a road trip and see a show at Daryl’s Club but I didn’t know any acts coming. Instead I looked for Hall and Oates concerts and that very day tickets were going on sale at 10:00 AM for Hampton Beach!


No way!

At 10:00 I got on-line and kept trying for tickets. At the same time I was texting Sue and asking her if she wanted to go. I finally got 2 tickets but had 5 minutes to purchase before they went back into the rotation. Sue wrote me back with 3 minutes to spare and I got us tickets!

I was super excited as I was an 80’s kid and H & O was ALL over the radio at that time. I have their CD and I listen to it all the time.  I knew I would know all of the songs and I love most of them.

I have never been to the Casino but I know other people who have been many times and they said it was a great venue to see people at because it’s small.


We were to the left of the stage in the middle red area

We got to the Casino at about 7:30 and folks were outside asking if anyone had extras. Nope!

We walked up the stairs and got escorted to our seats fairly quickly. We were left of the stage and had end seats. At first I was kind of bummed because you just had long tables and people were facing both away from the stage and facing the stage. I was facing away with my back to the stage but since we had an aisle seat I just turned and both Sue and I were more in the aisle than the row. It turned out great because we weren’t boxed in with everyone else and could get out to go to the ladies’ room if we had to.


AT 8:00 there was an opening act called Mutlu.  I actually saw him on one episode of Daryl’s house and he was good!

While we were waiting for the show we ordered drinks and food. We had had a small bite to eat at the hotel but we wanted something to munch on during the show. I just stuck with beer and we ordered popcorn and cheese and crackers. I swear they gave us a whole box of crackers and a whole block of cheese. It was huge!

At 8:35 John and Daryl hit the stage.


People were right, even though we weren’t right in front of the stage I could still see the guys clearly. I was on Daryl’s side and he would turn in our direction and play.  You can’t miss his still flowing blonde mane of beautiful hair. At 68 years old the man looks great. He is trim and I think, even better looking now than 30 years ago. He was wearing jeans, a black leather jacket and sunglasses. He was smiling and looked like he was having a good time. John was just as youthful looking. He no longer has the signature mustache but he too, looks to be in great shape and has grown into his looks. Maybe I just like older men, who knows?

Everyone was really excited as they started off with Man Eater. Everyone was singing, dancing and cheering.


The concert went on for about an hour and a half. They played all of their popular songs and people were digging it. You just couldn’t help singing and dancing to songs that throw you right back to your youth!

I think they had 3 encores and people were just loving it. They didn’t speak much in between songs, but that was ok, we wanted to hear them sing. Daryl did mention his show at the end and then they were off.

The casino was so easy to get in and out of. It was so convenient to be able to walk to it from the hotel and be back within 10 minutes of the concert being over.

One we got back we went to the bar and ran into some folks that had gone to the concert.  Everyone agreed the show was great and had a good time. A guy I spoke with had a good point. He said he has been to older band concerts and came to the conclusion that they should have hug it up years ago. Hall and Oates were not one of those bands.  They could still play well and carry off their songs. If anything, they got better with time.

 All you had to do was watch the audience filled with men and women of all ages singing and dancing and you’ll know they still have it.


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