Handling Easter

Hi! I hope you all had a nice Easter!

 I was going to post this yesterday but my PC froze!

With the holiday I was really trying to stay on my good eating and healthy portion roll. Dan was cooking many of my favorites and I knew it was going to be challenging.

 I love mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. He made the M & C for Danny but it’s one of my all-time favorite comfort food.  I knew this would be hard for me.

 But I went in with a plan!

Our menu was:

Baked Ham

Mac and Cheese

Mashed potatoes

Green beans


 My plan was to NOT eat anything I didn’t really love and eat just a little of what I did. Portions…


I  was a little too hungry by the time we sat down for dinner and that was working against me. I had some salad and then filled my plate with ham (another favorite) and green beans. I put just a spoonful of M & C on my plate, just as a taste and I sat down to eat. I had a glass of white wine with the meal.

Since I was so hungry I wolfed down that plate and got up to get more ham. I also got another spoonful of the macaroni and cheese and salad.

I definitely didn’t need the second plate of food but I was really proud of myself for not over eating the Carb foods. I allowed myself a little bit of the Mac and Cheese and although I like mashed potatoes I can live without them.

I definitely ate more than I needed of the ham and salad, but it wasn’t that bad.

I also had a taste of cheese cake for dessert. I took a tiny sliver of it and that satisfied my urge for sweets.

I wasn’t overly stuffed after I ate and I still felt satisfied.  I have noticed that I don’t care as much about food as I used to. In the past I would have obsessed about the food all day and prepared to over eat everything. I would have used the holiday as an excuse to pig out and I would have.

While I had more meat than I needed, that was probably the only this I over indulged in. The salad didn’t have anything in it but lettuce and cabbage and on the second plate I didn’t use any more dressing. I simply swished the lettuce in the dressing that was already on the plate.

Preparing in my head what I was going to eat beforehand really helped me stay on track.  Ok, I went back for a second scoop of Mac and Cheese but it was a spoonful, not a plateful.

 This portion control and cravings are getting much easier with practice.

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