Natural Home Cold Remedy

Hey Guys!

Hope your weekend was better than ours. A Spring cold hit the Regan household and both Dan and I were not feeling well all weekend. Poor Dan had a cold and a stomach bug. Not fun!


Whenever I get a cold it always does the same thing. I can almost tell you how I am going to feel on what day. Starts off with a sore throat for a few days, my nose starts to run and doesn’t stop for about three days and then I get really stuffed up and it moves to my chest and I cough for a week.

Never fails

I had heard if you mix 1 teaspoon of honey with ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon it can help ward off a cold. I decided to try it and see.


According to

“A mixture of honey and cinnamon for colds or the flu has been used for generations! The mixture is often called a cure for colds. It has been shown to reduce the length of a cold by at least 2 days and it also reduces the severity of symptoms.

Why A Mixture Of Honey And Cinnamon For Colds Or The Flu Works


Honey has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties. Many studies have shown that it is effective at fighting external and internal infections.

Cinnamon is also beneficial as it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.

Honey and cinnamon are powerful immune boosters! You can use this remedy to not only reduce the severity of your cold, but also prevent future colds or other viruses.

Together these two ingredients make a super healing combination.”


My throat was killing me on Saturday morning so I microwaved the honey and cinnamon and just ate it with a spoon. I am not a real honey fan but it was yummy. It coated my throat and it was warm and soothing. No lie, my throat felt better shortly after. I was a little bummed I cancelled working out but it was for the best.

Saturday I felt blah for the day and Sunday morning my throat was sore again. Once again, I turned to the honey and cinnamon and it worked!

Sunday night my nose was starting to run uncontrollably and at 8:30 Pm I decided to go to CVS and get something for my cold. My friend, Pam, told me someone she knew was sick and they swore by Mucinex. I have heard that too so I decided to buy that. It was $16 for 5 doses in 4 hour intervals.

Expensive! But I bit the bullet and bought it.

I think I like this stuff. I took my first dose at 9:00 PM on Sunday. I am not sure if it was the medication but I was awake every 45 minutes. I had a terrible night sleep, but my nose didn’t run!

Monday I did work from home, but I took some more Mucinex at 8:00 AM and my nose was clear all morning. It was a bit stuffy and I blew it a few times but it wasn’t that constant dripping where your nose is red and tender for days. Over  Christmas I had a cold and my nose literally ran for three days straight!

I hate that more than anything. I would rather cough than have a runny nose that I have to continually blow.

I took more honey and cinnamon on Monday and either the honey is helping kick this cold’s butt, the Mucinex is or both!

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