Skinnier isn’t necessarily healthier

I have a love/hate relationship with my body.

I have worked really hard the past few months to lose some fat, gain some muscle and I did.  I lost 7 pounds and gained 4 pounds of muscle. I still  wasn’t happy with my results. I wanted to look more toned and less squishy…

Yesterday I had a bad eating day. Like really bad…  I know better and for some reason I just blew all my hard work. I beat myself up for the whole next day.


But then I realized, I am trying to look like I am in my 20’s again.

The truth of the matter is, though, that I am in better shape at 47 than I was in my 20’s.

At 20 I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and didn’t exercise a lick. I mean, not at all. I ate fast food at least once a week and didn’t even think about eating for my body’s sake.

Sure, I was thin, but my body wasn’t healthy.

At 47 (almost) I exercise 4 days a week on average. I take an aerobics class, spin class, weight train and yoga/Pilates.  I walk the dog on the days I don’t work out and sometimes even of the days I do. My co-worker and I also try and walk at lunch if we can.

I no longer smoke and never, ever will again.

I try and do my best, for the most part, to eat for a healthy body. I slip sometimes, really badly when I do,  but I try and just start again the next day.


I had  a realization today that my body isn’t 20 anymore, it isn’t even 30. I am almost 50 years old. My stomach pouches a little more than I would like, my arms aren’t as toned as I want them and my ass isn’t as high or as firm as I’d like it to be.

But it’s healthy!! My almost 50 year old body (ok, I can stop saying that now) can out exercise my 20 year old body, by far. At 20 I couldn’t hike up a mountain without sitting down, spin for an hour or lift 45 pounds over my head.


Does it mean that I shouldn’t still try and shave off some flab and gain muscle? No, but I do need to keep in mind that my body is ten times healthier at a size 6 than it was at a size 0 in my 20’s.

A thin body does not necessarily mean a healthier body.


And let’s talk about being mentally healthier..  I am so much happier today than I was in my skinny 20’s.  I have accomplished things I never thought I would and take more risks because I believe I can. I learned how to ski at 33 years old and although I am not great at it, I can get down the mountain in one piece. That feels so good!


And the reason I think I can do that later in life is because I truly believe my 20 year old skinny, unhealthy body didn’t have the strength to hold me up.  My 47 year old, imperfect body can though.

So, I had a bad eating day yesterday.  Yesterday is done and I need to move on today. Yes, I need to understand why I keep doing this or it will keep happening (That is another blog)

Even though my body is far from perfect, it is stronger now than ever and I need to keep on the path of keeping it healthy as long as I can.


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2 Responses to Skinnier isn’t necessarily healthier

  1. Paula whitcomb says:

    Karen great pictures. Maybe Robert and I will have the courage too! We are a getting healthier by eating and exercising daily. So far so good

    • karenmregan says:

      Thanks Paula. It was really Dan that taught me you have to take care of your body as you age. My parents died/aged very young. I want to try and stay healthy as best as I can as I get older.
      Good for you and Robert! We want you guys healthy too! Hope to see you both soon.

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