Just a little accident

Hey Everyone:

Monday is over! I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather we are finally having.

On Sunday I was itching to get out of the house and do something physical. Dan had a project that he wanted to finish up and I wasn’t interested in helping- at all. He rebuilt this hutch we bought and stripped it, rebuilt the back of it, painted and stained it.  Dan is one of those handy people who even if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’ll figure it out. Not me, I go out.

Anyway, I decided to ask my friend, Rosemary, if she wanted to go kayaking. She said yes.

We used to put the kayaks in the back of the truck with the door down and a strap around the back. Easy Peasy, right? Well, Danny has the truck now so we put the kayak on top of my Rav4 and Dan used S Hook Belts to strap it on.


Well, we got maybe ¼ of a mile and all of a sudden we hear this noise and oops, the kayak comes sliding down the side of the car, rips off the driver’s side view mirror and lands in the road!

Dan was mortified that the straps came lose and broke my car. A few expletives may or may not have come out of his mouth.

I looked in the backseat where Molly was and she was shaking like a leaf! Her whole body was trembling and she was panting and frantic. My poor chicken girl!


Dan and I got the kayak back on the roof and he opened the door to stand  and tie it back up. Molly was so terrified she jumped out in the road and we yelled at her to get back in the car.  The good girl did, she was just scared. She then looked like she was trying to get in front with me so I hopped in the back with her and comforted her.

Between Dan and Molly no one was a happy camper. I told Dan thank God no one got hurt. That was my biggest concern. There were a ton of walkers and bikers out yesterday and we easily could have hit one or caused an accident. It’s gonna cost us a little money (or a lot) to fix but it could have been so much worse. No worries!


We finally got the kayak down to Squanacook and Rosemary and I had a lovely day on the river. We didn’t see much wildlife except for a few turtles and ducks but the river was pretty.


I forgot my sunscreen so I got quite the sunburn on my arms, legs and chest. I was sitting on water for about 3 hours.


I worked out on Saturday and did quite a few arm exercises. After kayaking for 3 hours yesterday my arms are feeling it today!

So after a minor mishap where no one got hurt, it was a  nice day to get out and enjoy the day and spend it with a friend.


PS: Remember I told you Dan is handy? He rigged my mirror back up temporarily until we can get it fixed.  The hutch was never touched yesterday.

Oh well, there is always next weekend.

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