Trigger Foods

Hey Happy Hump Day! It is so gorgeous out!


A few weeks ago I was doing so well with my clean eating. Then I went out with friends and had a planned “cheat day”. They had ice cream but I had waffle fries instead. I didn’t eat them all, although they were hot, greasy, crispy and delish…. OMG

I was pretty pleased with myself until I kept struggling that next week with not cheating more! I had not wanted to eat salty, crispy foods until I had them and then it was all  could do to stay away from them.

Someone told me this was my “trigger food” and it’s good to know what your triggers are.


What does “trigger food mean” It means any food that you just can’t stop yourself from over eating and produces more cravings. Any food that you will come up with any excuse to keep eating.

I got an email today from Bio Trust. I am on their e-mail distribution and their newsletter today was asking what the worst food ever is?




High Fructose Sugar

The real answer is:

Whatever your trigger food is?

It resonated so much with me! I can have a cheesecake in my fridge for weeks ( and I have recently) and not touch it, but chips just kill me. Although we had had delicious tortilla chips in the house that I didn’t touch until I ate those damn fries. After thinking about this I realized the less I eat my trigger food the less I crave these types of food.



The e-mail encouraged us to identify our own personal top 3 triggers and make sure they stay OUT OF THE HOUSE.

By knowing your food triggers this can save a ton of calories, fat and sabotaging your clean eating.

So what are my personal triggers?

1.       Chips of any kind

2.       French Fries

3.       Pizza (not homemade)

God, I can totally see how when I cheat and eat these types of foods it is so much harder for me to stay on track.  The less I eat them, the less I want them. Also, my stomach doesn’t feel that great after I eat them. I find I am less tolerant of these foods the less I have them.


Lesson: It just isn’t worth it to eat these foods.

I did have another thought on a  potential trigger food that I hadn’t thought about until right now.



I love nuts. They satisfy my salt and crunch urge but they may be a potential trigger. I have a hard time simply eating a few. I eat nuts by the handfuls and if I am not mindful, I will completely over eat them.

I wonder now if they are a trigger food for me. I eat them as a snack daily as a  source of protein but now I wonder how much better my diet would be if I didn’t? They are still salty and crunchy so why wouldn’t they be a trigger food? Do I crave more nuts because I eat them a lot?

I think I need to do an experiment and not eat nuts for a month and see what happens. This will be a challenge because Dan also loves nuts and we have them in the house all the time.   Actually, Molly loves them too, so it’s a family love.

This topic made so much sense to me and this must be a lesson I need to learn because it has come up twice now.

Question of the day: What are your top 3 trigger foods?

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