Discovering your passion

Hey everyone:

So, I have a question that I would love some help with.

Back when I was giving more workshops and lectures one of my most “hot” topics was Finding Your passion/ Being Happier.


I had men, women, old, young sign up for these classes. I remember one workshop I had 19 register and about 34 people showed up!

What I have found in speaking with people that people are bored with their lives!

We go to work (often to jobs that are unsatisfying to us) come home, make dinner, watch some TV, go to bed and get up to do it all over again the next day.


Weekends are often spent doing errands and playing catch up on household stuff that we are too tired to do during the week.

People are craving to do something that brings them passion and joy but they don’t know what!

Many years ago I went to my eye doctor for a checkup.  He asked me what I did for fun because he wanted to know all the ways in which I use my eyes. I mentioned my coaching business and helping people find their passion and I will never forget the story he told me.


He asked another client the same question he had me. “What do you do for fun?”

To his utter surprise she burst into tears and told him she doesn’t have fun anymore. She used to love to paint but then she got married and had kids and gave it up. She spent all of her time doing things for her family.

About two weeks later a package arrived at the doctor’s office addressed to him. When he opened it he saw a hand painted card along with a thank you note.  The woman who loved to paint but has given it up for her family was so inspired speaking to the doctor that she went home and pulled out her paints and canvas. She started painting again!

And she was so happy!

So many of us either give up what brings us joy or we are so busy we don’t even know what makes us happy. But, we are desperately searching for the answer. Hence, my workshops being filled up by so many people searching.


How can you help me?

Are you looking for what makes you happy? Your passion?

If I were to offer a class or eBook/ecourse would you be interested?

Does the woman’s story resonate with you at all?

Please pass on this blog to anyone you might know who is looking for their passion. I am looking for any kind of feedback if anyone is interested in the topic.

I can be contacted at

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