Letting go


 How are you all doing on the beautiful Friday?

I am going to admit here and now that I am in a funk lately.  We had a difficult winter and I don’t know if this funk is a result of that finally hitting me or what.


I feel like so many things are out of my control right now:

·         Health issues for family and friends

·          A job I am extremely bored with but offers so many benefits

·          Molly’s limp that we can’t seem to fix

·         Blog/Coaching future?

·         My Dad’s declining memory

·         Dan and my retirement some day

I just feel simply overwhelmed and down lately. Some of these things I can control, but I feel so drained and I don’t have the know how or the energy to even try.


I am  more emotional lately and that’s not like me. I have these crazy mood swings of feeling really weepy and irritated  and then snap out of it.  One minute I am snapping at someone and the next I am asking them what they want to do that day?  I know I am confusing and irritating people and I don’t mean it. The harder I try to explain the worse I make it though. I seriously feel like folks think  I am off my rocker. Right now I feel very misunderstood and just want to retreat and  be by myself so I don’t confuse people even more.



If I didn’t know better I might think I was pregnant? I am not!

So what I realized that I have been doing is trying to control other things like my fitness and nutrition and some other personal things. It’s almost become an obsession to try and control them the way I want them to turn out. But the more I try and control them the situation gets worse! Then I am trying to “fix it” and it gets even worse still.  Seems like the more energy I put into these things I am skewing the natural progession of what is supposed to happen.

What I am doing is so not working- for anyone!  I can see that I am the common denominator for ticking people off lately.

 So, I think I need to learn to just let go of everything right now. I don’t mean I don’t want to see people anymore, but rather let go of the outcome.


This quote really speaks to me. I feel like lately I have been fighting for things and trying to be so determined for things to turn out a certain way. Maybe I do just need to let go and have faith that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

But how the heck do I do that?

I found some steps from  www.zenhabits.net


Letting Go of Attachment to Outcomes


Practice letting things be. That doesn’t mean you can’t actively work to create a different tomorrow. It just means you make peace with the moment as it is, without worrying that something’s wrong with you or your life, and then operate from a place of acceptance.

Question your attachment. If you’re attached to a specific outcome—a dream job, the perfect relationship—you may be indulging an illusion about some day when everything will be lined up for happiness. No moment will ever be worthier of your joy than now because that’s all there ever is.

Release the need to know. Life entails uncertainty, no matter how strong your intention. Obsessing about tomorrow wastes your life because there will always be a tomorrow on the horizon. There are no guarantees about how it will play out. Just know it hinges on how well you live today.

Serve your purpose now. You don’t need to have x-amount of money in the bank to live a meaningful life right now. Figure out what matters to you, and fill pockets of time indulging it. Audition for community theater. Volunteer with animals. Whatever you love, do it. Don’t wait—do it now.

Teach others. It’s human nature to hope for things in the future. Even the most enlightened people fall into the habit from time to time. Remind yourself to stay open to possibilities by sharing the idea with other people. Blog about it. Talk about it. Tweet about it. Opening up helps keep you open.

I realize from reading this article that I am worrying about the future and not living in the present. I will practice the above steps and see if that helps.

Question of the day: How do you stay in the present and not try and control it?

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