My perfect workout week

Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was great! Beautiful, summer-like weather here in New England.


Last week I had a great well rounded week for working out. It would be the perfect workout week for me if I could do it consistently.  Here is what my workout week looked like:

Monday – Step aerobics (cardio)

Tuesday – Spin (cardio)

Wednesday – Tabatas (strength and cardio)

Thursday – Dog walking (light cardio)

Friday – Yoga/Pilates(strength and stretch)

Saturday – Boot camp (strength training)

Sunday – Dog walking (light cardio)

It was a great mix of cardio and strength training. I am going to try and get this type of weekly workout in. I almost picked up another class on Sunday at my gym but I decided this was enough.

 My Yoga class on Friday night is an awesome way to end the week.  The room is warm and cozy, dark and the music is calming. I love to stretch my worked muscles from the week of hard work I put them through.


There was one move that the teacher was telling us that would be coming up in one of the tracks. As she was explaining it all I could think of was “ Yeah, ok, I’ll never be able to do this”. But when the time came, I was able to do the move. It was definitely challenging but I tried it and I did it!

I was very happy with the strength I felt doing it. It’s nice to feel strong.

I am happy to say that all of my summer clothes fit me, if not are a little big! I have one pair of short that are ridiculously big! Haha

So, I think I am going to keep concentrating on healthy potions and just keep doing what I am doing. I have noticed that I am not dying to eat something “ yummy” anymore.  I am starting to eat to live rather than live to eat.

On Friday Dan and I were deciding what to do for dinner. We spoke about going out but then he realized he had leftovers in the fridge he should eat. I had frozen some leftover  steamed shrimp and veggies from the week before and I told Dan I would just have that instead of us going out. There was just enough of it and it was fine. In the past, I would have jumped at the chance to go out and eat something “good.” Now, I don’t seem to care.

I am starting to see a shift in my thinking about food. It doesn’t  seem as much like it’s a reward anymore.  I don’t feel like I have “earned” eating a meal and I am not totally blowing my weekends anymore.

On Saturday we did go out to our favorite diner. I really wanted a club sandwich but it seemed too fattening. Well, I only ate 2 quarters and saved the rest.  I had one, just one, onion ring and I gave the rest to Dan. So, I had what I wanted only less of it.  In the past, I wouldn’t have dreamed of bringing home the other 2 quarters. Now, I stop and ask myself if I am still hungry and I stop eating.

You know what? It’s ok.  I am not hungry and if I am later on, I can have a snack.

This seems to appease my mind and it’s ok just to eat a little and save the rest. Molly may be the one who gets it, but who cares?

I indulged a little more than I wanted to on Saturday night out to dinner. Dan and I had Mexican and they bring you a basket of nice, warm salty chips with the best salsa. This is my total weakness!


As much as we resisted, we polished off the basket of chips. But, when our meal came I did leave food to take home and eat later.  Again, something in the past I would never do.

I have also been having a protein shake during the week at lunch at work. I bought this little blender and I make it right in our little kitchen. It works great and it’s pretty quiet.  I get questions about it all the time from both men and women who thinks it’s such a cool idea.


It saves me from cooking all day Sundays (that was getting old) and it’s a nice, cool drink to have after my coworker and I go out for a walk at lunchtime. Many people ask me if it holds me over. It does for a while and then I have a sensible snack a little later.

All good!

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