Hey, It’s Thursday! Almost time for the long weekend!


A few weeks back I read an article from Dave at Paleohacks. I really, really like this guy’s newsletter. He is informative and funny. My favorite combination to read.

Anyway, this e-mail  spoke about how to stop burning sugar and burn pure fat.

How to Burn Fat!

One of his tips was to consume zero starches or fruits for 3- 4 days in a row during the week and eat protein and veggies only.

I have been practicing this tip for the past 2 weeks and I do think it is working. I am eating a limited amount of carbs during the weekend but during the week I am eating mainly protein and veggies.

Here is what my meals have looked like lately:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled or hard boiled eggs with sautéed broccoli, green beans or peppers and onions.

Snack: individual size bag of pistachios

Lunch: Protein shake with a side of a  little meat to fill me more

Snack: Celery or carrots and hummus

Dinner: Some variation of meat and veggies


I have been having this variation of meals for the past few weeks now.  I eat it Mon thru Thursday and have been getting in 5 solid, balanced workouts.

I bought a new digital scale last week that I can actually read and the first day on it I weighed 137.8. I weighed myself again yesterday and I was 135 even.  Now, I splurged a bit over the weekend ( not bad, but some) and I still lost weight.


I really like the idea of having some carbs on the weekend and eliminating them during the week. I can do this and not feel deprived and still lose or maintain my weight.

He also suggested increasing your water intake during the carb fast. I was drinking a ton of water, but I have cut way back again. I hate the feeling of having to pee all the time and sometimes a full bladder can cause me issues.

However, I do need to increase my water intake some, it just doesn’t have to be the 90 ounces I was drinking a day.

Feel free to try this tip. It’s working for me and I can actually do it and succeed.

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