Burning Fat with an After Burn class

Hey everybody! Hope you are all having a great weekend! It is a beautiful summer like day here. I am soaking up the sun with my girl and just kicking back.

I started off my day though at Steve’s to work off the Fish and Chips I ate last night (hope he is not reading this). I sometimes have a hard time getting there because I just don’t have energy in the morning. Getting out of bed and working out an hour or two later is tough for me.

I did it though and Steve’s new trainer, Laura, was teaching the class this morning.

I warmed up on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before we started an After Burn class which I had never done before.

What is it?

Basically there are 3 exercises you do 10 times each. You keep rotating the three for 4 or 5 minutes. Then you move on to another set of 3 exercises that you rotate through for x number of minutes.

We did this with 4 sets of exercises.

Easy peasy, right? Yeah, ok….

Here is what the sets looked like.


Jump Step with bicep curl

Side Crunches (10 on each side)

Ball Slams


Single arm Kettle Bell swing ( each side)

Jump squat

Russian Twist


Ball Toss

Jump Lunge (each side)

Push Ups



TRX Sprinter (both legs)

TRX roll out

There were 4 of us there so each of us started with a different station. We did the first one for 4 minutes and then someone asked if we could go longer so the next 3 stations we did for 5 minutes.

I have no focus at times so even though Laura told each of us what our exercises were ( and they are written on a board) I kept forgetting what my next move was and had to keep asking!


 Laura was great at making sure everyone knew what their moves were. She also took a few minutes at the beginning to demonstrate each one so we would know ahead of time ( If a certain someone could remember!)

We took a minute in between each session to figure out our moves at the current station and to take a breather.

I noticed as everyone was working their butt off that no one was talking because everyone was so focused on their moves. Usually in boot camp there is a lot of chatter and laughing going on but today it was all about the workout!

These 4 sessions took us about 30 minutes or so to complete, give or take. It was a quick and sweaty workout, but super efficient.

As much as I enjoy having Steve teach I do like a different teacher from time to time. I know I personally work a little harder with someone new. I have noticed from working with Laura the past few months she has some different exercises than Steve that she has showed me. So I get to learn some new things to do from her.

It was a great class today and a really good way to start my Saturday. Starting with a good, sweaty workout helps me to stay on track for  a good healthy living day.

Thanks, Laura for a great class. You have been a nice addition to the FYW team.

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