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5 tips on how to be the person you want to be

Hey! Happy Monday So, I was writing material today for my new website and one topic I was speaking about was “ Who do you want to be”   We get caught up in what do we want to do … Continue reading

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Healthy alternative to vegetables

Hey Guys: I wanted an alternative to veggies to go along with my eggs in the morning, but wanted to still keep it healthy. I decided to make a vegetable soup of some sort. I know it’s summer, but our … Continue reading

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Happy National Kissing Day

Happy, happy Friday!   As well as being Friday did you know it’s national kissing day?  How nice is that that it is on a Friday night? Whoo hoo! I love kissing…. Sorry if that is TMI but it’s one … Continue reading

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Learning to love Spin Class

Hey Guys! The weekend is fast approaching. Hope your week has been lovely so far! I know I write about my Spin class quite a bit. I love it, but the truth is, I didn’t always. I have been taking … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

Hey guys: I went to the Cape on Friday to visit my Dad and I took a trip down memory lane while I was there. We had a second home down there for as long as I can remember. I … Continue reading

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Block Island Organics Sunscreen review

Hey Guys! What a beautiful weekend. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.    Molly had fun! Kelly, the co- founder of Block Island Organics asked me if I would be willing to try their new Natural Mineral (zinc only) … Continue reading

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Lose weight with my FREE Food Journal

Hey, It’s almost Friday! Doing your happy dance yet? Twice a week, I send Steve a Food Journal (or I am supposed to).  I write down everything I eat and drink during the course of a day and I send … Continue reading

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