Lose weight with my FREE Food Journal

Hey, It’s almost Friday! Doing your happy dance yet?

Twice a week, I send Steve a Food Journal (or I am supposed to).  I write down everything I eat and drink during the course of a day and I send it to him to review.

I know what you’re thinking? Ugh, what a pain!

Yes, it can be, but every time I stop doing this I seem to go off the rails.

In a big way.


It has proven very beneficial to me to send this to someone and be accountable. Does he yell at me for my slipups? Nope, be he will say “careful here” and point out where I went off track. Yes, I do usually already know what he is going to say but it helps me to have someone confirm what I know.

So I decided to put together a Food Journal for you guys!  I have never done anything like this before but I think it will be super helpful for you!

How to Use this Daily Free Food Journal  (You must click on enable editing in yellow bar at top of page)

 Print out a minimum of seven free diet journal pages (one for every day of the week).

Punch holes in copies and place pages in a three ring binder.

Keep your food journal with you at all times and write in it immediately after eating. (sometimes I forget and it’s so hard to think back!)

Use this food journal even when you are on track. Why?

 You might think, like me, I know what to do. I don’t need to write anything down. I know when I eat well and I know when I blow it.


 So, it’s normal to want to trash the journaling when you think you have a handle on it.

But, writing down what you eat and drink when you’re eating right and losing weight will provide you menus that work for you to turn to when you’re not doing so great.

You’ll be able to look back and see exactly what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (alcohol intake) when you were losing weight. You can then go back and follow those exact meals if ever there’s a time when you “fall of the wagon.”

  Use this Food Journal When You’re not doing so hot

Ha-ha, I know when I am having a bad week I conveniently forget to send my journal to Steve! However, this is when I need to the most!

Journaling will allow me to see how and where I am going wrong. Am I drinking enough water? Too much alcohol?

But here is an important thing to know.

It’s ok! This isn’t for you to beat yourself up over. Just note where you got sidelined and start again at your next meal. The journal is simply for awareness.

What my favorite saying?

“ You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge”

Acknowledge it, learn from it and move on by using this journal!

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