Memory Lane

Hey guys:

I went to the Cape on Friday to visit my Dad and I took a trip down memory lane while I was there.

We had a second home down there for as long as I can remember. I feel like I grew up on the Cape and not Rhode Island, like I really did.

Here was our very first home on the Cape. It looked better when my parents owned it. It was small but efficient for a while. The we out grew it as we spent more time there.

This is West Dennis Beach where we spent years swimming and chillin’ on the beach. When I was about 8 my Mom and Aunt sent me to the snack bar with my 3 year old cousin and a friend’s kid. The beach was packed and I pointed out our blanket to the kid and sent him on his way back. Well, he got lost (Duh) and a whole beach search for him ensued. We found him, finally…  I didn’t know the kid was bad with directions. LOL. The beach is a mile long so it took a while to find the little booger.

West Dennis Beach was also where I fell head over heels in love with a  rent a cop that patrolled WDB from 7 – midnight 5 nights a week. I used to meet him down there every night and we’d spend hours talking on the beach. At the end of the summer he went back to college (and his girl friend). I was pretty sure I would die if I never saw him again but that was 27 years ago and apparently I survived!

When I was 16 my parents bought another house and sold the little one. ( I don’t have a picture)

Two fun facts about the house.

1. It was built for the actor, Henry Fonda’s brother.

2. It was haunted

This was my friend Pam’s house. I spent many hours in her adorable house. The night  finally kissed the cop I showed up at Pam’s house at 1:30 in the morning trying to flash my high beams in her window so I could tell her. Her brother was in the kitchen with his GF and I didn’t want to alert him that I was out there so I left. Haha, to be 20 again!

Pam and I used to live at this place. Back then it was Punchy’s Pizza and they had the BEST calzones ever! We also used to get chips and salsa, sometimes 2 baskets.  God, I miss that place!

This was the local Chinese restaurant and one  day we decided to go and get some food. The place was packed and as we were waiting a young guy in his 20’s came over with a covered plate and said he had something for us while we were waiting. Well, it was a chicken finger for a penis with 2 cherries for the balls and noodles for the pubic hair. I have to say it was very creative. The guy came back about 2 seconds later red as a beet apologizing up and down. Pam went up one side of him and down the other. He crawled back to his table with his creativity. Haha

I spent my summers working at Swan River restaurant at the Take Out windows. I used to work 2-9. It was a great summer job. I could go to the beach in the morning and hit the bars at night. It was right on a river (Hence the name) and we all used to vie to be the one to snap beans so we could sit out on the deck and take in this view below. The sunsets were unbelievable some nights.  Beautiful!

These were some of many many memories of my summer at the Cape. I could go on about Friday night’s at Guido’s in Hyannis or the Wood Shed in Brewster. The time we lost power for 5 days in Hurricane Bob and the only place open was the Wooden Shoe.

Dad and I had a ton of fun going back to old places and reminiscing.

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