Happy National Kissing Day

Happy, happy Friday!


As well as being Friday did you know it’s national kissing day?  How nice is that that it is on a Friday night?

Whoo hoo! I love kissing…. Sorry if that is TMI but it’s one of my favorite things to do.


Here are some of the reasons I personally like kissing:

1.       It relaxes you and eases stress. If you like the one you are kissing you should melt into their body and totally relax. Let the stress drop away and forget  all your troubles. I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to worry about my troubles when I am enjoying a good kiss.

2.       Connects you to people. Sorry but if you kiss someone you now have a deeper connection to that person. Kissing is personal (or should be) and when you swap spit with someone you now share a connection to them. Maybe it’s just me but if I kiss someone I don’t look at them the same way anymore.


3.       Makes me feel sexy. There is nothing sexier than getting into a good, deep kiss with your partner. Turn on the charm and ooze sexiness. Try different things with your lips and tongue and have fun!

4.       Speaking of fun…. Kissing is just plain fun. It’s free, you can do it almost anywhere and it doesn’t cost a thing (usually).

5.       Makes you feel like a kid. Remember in your teen years when you had that girlfriend or boyfriend and you’d make out for hours? No, was that just me?  Come on, making out is a part of growing up and maturing. A good make out session with your spouse or significant other can make you feel young again.

There you have it, way more info about me that you ever wanted to know!

 Bonus plus:

So, grab your sweetie and plant a smooch on them!


PS: Don’t forget to kiss your pets!

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