30 minute Living Room Tabata workout

 Hey you guys!

 I have not been going to my step aerobics class on Monday nights because it has been smokin’ my back. For the past few weeks my back and hips have been really, really sore. The pounding of my feet in Step just bothers it incredibly about 3 songs into the class.  I found myself modifying the moves so much it just doesn’t seem worth going.

 So, last night I did 30 minutes of Tabatas at home.  Note: before I did these I did 7 minutes of a total body warm up and stretch to help my back and hips.


I came up with three sets and blasted through them as quick as I could, while keeping correct form. Then I took a few minutes break and did them again twice (resting in between sets) for a total of three sets. It took me about 25 minutes (with the in between breaks) to complete them.

I was sweating and out of breath by the time I was done. I went all out (while minding my back) in the short amount of time it took.


Here was last night’s routine: 20 of all moves

Set 1

Jump squats

Sit ups

Lunge – right leg

Lunge Left leg

REST (about one minute)

Set 2

Russian Twist with 8 pound weight

Push ups

Hello dolly


REST (about one minute)

Set 3

Knee raise (each side)

Skate side to side (each side)

Side knee raise –right leg

Side knee raise –left leg

After I completed all 3 sets I worked out my arms for another 15 minutes with 8 pound weights.


Between the Tabatas and the arm exercise with dumb bells I worked out for a total of 40-45 minutes of a full body, sweaty workout.

Once I had completed my workout ( I stretched again)  and then I pulled out my foam roller and rolled out my back and hips for about 10 minutes.


Over the next few days I will show you what I did for a warm up, my arm exercises and foam rolling moves.

 All of these are equally important and I think each one should get its own blog.

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