Mold Sensitivity to foods

Hey you guys!   Monday is in the books and we are one day closer to our vacation!


I was tested a few years back for food sensitivity. The blood test came back that I am sensitive to “mold” type foods.

What are those?

   Foods to Avoid!

– NO dried fruit; raisons, apricots, prunes, figs, etc.
– NO aged cheese of any kind – Some cheeses are acceptable if milk is tolerable, e.g., cottage cheese, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta and farmer’s cheese.
– NO mushrooms or fungi whatsoever, such as truffles, even avoid sprouts.
– NO Leftovers- Eat within 24 hours, unless frozen (microwave frozen food to thaw quickly)
– NO Breads. Malted means moldy. Dough conditioners are moldy. Sourdough or sourdough starter is the worst. (Sometimes labeled yeast-free) Bread develops surface mold within a day. Some tortillas, biscuits, muffins, cakes and cookies are usually yeast free, yet high in sugar content. You can buy sprouted bread with no yeast (Not sourdough) at the health food store.
– NO Sauerkraut. It has been fermented.
– NO Tomato Products; Juice, sauce, paste, ketchup, etc., are made from moldy tomatoes.
– NO Beer – The darker the beer, the more mold it contains.
– NO Wine & Wine Vinegar – White wine is least moldy; clear vinegar may be tolerated.
– NO liquor – Vodka, tequila, clear rums are least moldy.
– Be careful of multi-B Vitamins – Many contain either yeast or mold (Rice hulls are moldy). Some are
alright. Check with manufacturer. See note below on Aspergillus fermentation process.
– NO cider or fruit juice (juice contains mold as it is made with old fruit).
– NO Pickled and smoked meats and fish, including processed delicatessen foods, sausages, salami, bologna, frankfurters, corned beef and pickled tongue.
– NO eggs
– NO melons, except watermelon if very fresh and eaten same day.

So basically, everything I love to eat! I could eat a salad every day, but I can’t have the vinegar.


The nurse practitioner with whom I spoke said I can have a “mold” food every four days. I don’t have to cut it out altogether.

So for example, if I eat feta cheese today I shouldn’t have it again for 4 more days. I can have another mold food tomorrow, but not feta.


I have been trying to find salads that don’t have a vinegar based dressing.

I found a yummy salad recipe that I made on Monday. I actually paired it with some hard boiled eggs and had it for breakfast.




Red onion


Cracked black pepper



Lime juice

Olive oil

I don’t like to put measurements because you can adjust everything to your taste. I threw in a bunch of black pepper and cilantro because I love both.  I was easy on the red onion because It can overwhelm a dish, but I like a little.

Love lime juice so I threw in a lot of that and just a little of oil.

This salad was fresh from the lime juice, full of flavor from the fresh cilantro, yet rich because of the avocado. I could eat this every day and there is nothing in it I shouldn’t have!

Give it a try!

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