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A Small Good Thing movie showing

Hey Guys! Do you remember I blogged about a movie a few months back called  A Small Good Thing? As you may recall, this feature-length film was shot in various locations in the Berkshires, following six people who focus on … Continue reading

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Biometric Screening

Happy, happy Thursday!   Every year to get a discount on our health insurance we have to have a biometric screening through work.    My doctors have told me in the past that I have a very boring medical file. … Continue reading

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Is your spouse making you fat?

Happy Hump Day and National Dog Day! Dan is thin rail and always has been. He lost a lot of weight this winter while he was sick and he desperately needed to gain some weight back. Out came the cheesecake, … Continue reading

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Getting your needs met without being needy

Hi Guys: Lately I have been noticing that I have been getting really frustrated lately with people.  Being a Life Coach I recognize that the frustration stems from not getting a need met.  I get really bitchy and short with … Continue reading

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Beating the Sunday Night Blues

Hey guys! Sunday night again and another week is approaching. A few weeks back I asked folks on Face Book if they get the Sunday Night Blues. I had a bunch of folks write and say they absolutely get blue … Continue reading

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The Fisherman’s Feast in Boston

Hey you guys! This summer has been heating up the past few week and we are trying to make the most of the last few weeks of summer! Last night we went into Boston for the Fisherman’s Feast in the … Continue reading

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Tips to Clean out Your Clutter!

Happy Hump Day!   I LOVE to help people clear out clutter. To me, nothing is as gratifying and therapeutic than getting rid of clutter and creating space. Last weekend I helped my friend, Christy, clean out her closets and … Continue reading

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