Tips to Clean out Your Clutter!

Happy Hump Day!


I LOVE to help people clear out clutter. To me, nothing is as gratifying and therapeutic than getting rid of clutter and creating space.

Last weekend I helped my friend, Christy, clean out her closets and drawers.

We started in her closet, which was packed to the rims with clothes. Her top shelf was stacked high, the floor was piled and even the doors had hoodies hanging off of them!

We tackled the top shelf first. I wasn’t sure on time so I didn’t have her pull everything and pile on the floor to go through. I didn’t want to have to stop and leave her an even bigger mess, so we just took one item out at a time.

We had a pile for:


Thread up ( they buy clothes from you)


Friend may want

Toss (unsalvageable)

We brought up trash bags and the return Thread Up bag so we could just put them in as we went along.

I manned the appropriate bag and Christy put back the things she wanted in her closet.

Christy was awesome about letting go of stuff and we flew through the top shelf in no time.  We moved on to her hanging clothes and flew through those as well. After she was done eliminating clothes, she had a ton of those cheap wire hangers left and we tossed those too!

She had some blankets and shoes at the bottom of her closet. We got through those in no time and put everything back that she wanted neatly.

Looking Good!


The closet went so smoothly and quickly that we decided to go through some of her drawers. Well once we got started there was no stopping us!

Christy and I went through all of her dressers and every drawer. We got rid of t-shirts, bathing suits, work clothes, workout outfits ….. You name it.

I know people are afraid that I will “make them” get rid of stuff that they can’t bear to part with, but that isn’t my job.  I didn’t make Christy toss anything that she didn’t want to.  However, I will say that she was willing to part with most of her dated things. I would have tossed a few more t-shirts than she did, but…..  She got rid of so much what did it matter?

My job is to question why you want to keep a certain item.

Is it sentimental to you?

Do you think you might fit into it one day?

Still has the tags so you feel guilty?

Reminds you of better, happier times?

We cleaned out 9 bags of donated clothes and a huge bag to sell back to Thread Up.


Once her closet and dresses were organized she organized the rest of her bedroom.  It feels soooo good to have space and organization.

It doesn’t just clear the clutter physically, it does mentally as well.

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