The Fisherman’s Feast in Boston

Hey you guys!

This summer has been heating up the past few week and we are trying to make the most of the last few weeks of summer!

Last night we went into Boston for the Fisherman’s Feast in the North End. We have been several times in the past and it’s a ton of fun. There are many Italian festivals throughout the summer that have games, food vendors galore, purses, sunglasses, jewelry, t-shirts… you name it.

We saw a thermometer on a sign on the way into town and it read 95 degrees so we thought it was going to be miserable walking around in the heat and humidity. There was a slight breeze and it was actually  a beautiful night in Boston.

As we walked over to Fleet St Dan had a fun time reminiscing about old times. He used to  live in the North End and we walked by some of his old haunts.

Dan’s old apartment. 2nd floor window

Sunday wound up being a great day to go to the festival. We got there at about 5PM and it was busy, but not wall to wall people like we have seen it in the past.

We walked down the street checking out the food vendors and Dan decided on fresh raviolis. The bowl was overflowing and super heavy. Nothing like fresh pasta from the North End.


I wanted pizza and there are usually a  ton of vendors, but last night I saw one vendor and the pizza didn’t look very good. So, I decided on a calzone instead, which I also love. I order a pepperoni calzone and the girl grabs it and throws it in the deep fryer!


This calzone was so freakin good! It was piping hot from the fryer and the cheese was all melted and gooey. The marinara sauce was delish. As hot as it was, I think I ate this in 2.5 seconds.


Best calzone ever. I seriously wanted another one but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Dan was stuffed so we walked around a bit to walk off all the yummy goodness we just ate.

We passed a vendor that had purses for sale and I found the EXACT one I was looking for. It was $40 and I thought I had been able to get them at a flea market for $25. I asked the guy if he could go down and he said no. So, we kept walking.

But I really wanted that bag….

Dan went to the bank and took out $40 “just in case”.

You know I went back and bought it, right? Love it!

Dan is a cannoli snob. Mike’s Pastry is super famous and always crowded out the door, but Dan like Modern Pastry better. That’s a good thing because Mike’s had a line down the street and we walked right into Modern and right up to the counter.

We got one cannoli and walked to a park and people watched ( I was looking at a young guy with no shirt on) and we split the cannoli.


God was that good.

It was a gorgeous night to sit and watch all the people. Kids having a ball in splash pads, college students in love (who knows), a guy throwing Frisbees to his dog (impressive, the dog never missed. We just sat and talked and watched for a while before heading home.

We had the windows down as we drove home and it was beautiful with the air rushing in the car and then sun was setting.

Such a fun summer thing to do. There is another feast in two weeks if you want to check it out. St Anthony’s festival.

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