Beating the Sunday Night Blues

Hey guys! Sunday night again and another week is approaching.

A few weeks back I asked folks on Face Book if they get the Sunday Night Blues. I had a bunch of folks write and say they absolutely get blue on Sunday.


What is  the Sunday Night Blues?

It’s an anxious feeling or dread of the upcoming week. It’s called Sunday Night Blues but it can actually start a lot earlier in the day.


A study showed that 76% of Americans get the Sunday Night Blues badly.

76%! That is a huge number

In my opinion, this is because Americans work way more than anyone else and take less vacations or time for themselves.


What can you do about it.

Here are my tips to cover come the Sunday Night Blues

1.       Do something fun over the weekend. I know when a weekend passes me by and I haven’t done anything fun I get down when Monday rolls around. I feel like I “blew” the weekend and now I have to get through another week. Fun could be just hanging with a friend, taking your dog to the park or watching a movie with your honey. Too many of us get caught up in running errands on the weekend and “catching up” on chores. Take some time for you and do something that you enjoy doing.

2.       Plan something you look forward to on Sundays. Tape a favorite show and make a plan to watch it with friends or family. Maybe planning to meet a friend to go for a walk or exercise class. In the winter I love to take a hot bath on Sunday night and just allow myself to relax and rejuvenate. Have a ritual that you look forward to on Sunday evenings.

3.       Think about what you have accomplished. Instead of thinking that it’s Sunday night and cursing yourself for everything you didn’t get done, congratulate yourself for what you did do. Stop berating yourself for not being Superwoman/man. Even Superheroes need to chill.

4.       Plan ahead. For me, I like to get my lunches for the week worked out ahead of time and my clothes ready. Nothing stresses me out more than to be unorganized Monday morning and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have a laptop that I bring home, however, I don’t check any work related things on the weekend.

5.       Identify the trigger. If it is something bigger than just blues, take a look and see what is causing the issue. Is it a crappy boss? Long commute? Over scheduled weeks? Knowing what is causing your anxiety is key to helping you address the issue.

Bonus: Often people think of Sunday as an ending to something: the week, fun, time off… This can leave us feeling sad and many times, lonely. Think of Sunday as a beginning instead of an ending. A whole new week with new opportunities and chances are waiting!

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