Is your spouse making you fat?

Happy Hump Day and National Dog Day!

Dan is thin rail and always has been. He lost a lot of weight this winter while he was sick and he desperately needed to gain some weight back.

Out came the cheesecake, Swiss Rolls, carrot cake, tubs of ice cream, potato chips…….



I can usually resist the sweets but, Jesus God, with it staring me in the face for months on end I cracked.

Dan had no appetite back when he was sick and now that he feels back to normal he wants to eat out— All the time!!

Between the snacks and the eating out I have gained some weight back that I had lost.

And I blame Dan.

Dan is making me fat.

I know this isn’t uncommon for one person to try and lose weight while the person you are living with is scarfing down everything you can’t eat.

The ice cream whispers your name from the freezer seducing you and the chips look all irisistable all greasy and salty.

Food Porn!

So, what can you do? It really isn’t their fault but you do need to have a plan or it’s likely you will cave and join them in their food orgy.

1.      Portions. While Dan may be able to sit down and have a whole piece of cheese cake I allowed myself a few bites. Two or three bites of a certain food won’t kill your good eating habits. Portion out just enough to satisfy your urge and put it away. If you keep looking at it chances are you will go back for another bite or five…

2.      Put it away. This piggybacks from number 1. If you know that you cannot resist a certain food don’t leave it within your view. We have a pantry and it helps me to have Dan leave the chips in there. If I see them it’s a power of suggestion when I wouldn’t have even thought about them before I saw them. If it’s something that has to be stored in the fridge move it to the back where it isn’t in plain sight or pile stuff on top of it.

3.      Make a plan. When Dan started eating sweets every night I started to make a plan of what I would have while he had his junk food. He pulled out the cake and I grabbed a tapioca pudding from the fridge with a dollop of whipped cream. Know what you will have ahead of time if someone pulls out a tempting snack.  Dan loves nuts. I do too, but I eat too many. When he grabs the can, I grab carrot sticks and a little bit of hummus. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

4.      Compromise. Dan loves to eat out on the weekends which was sabotaging my eating habits. Instead of saying no, now I tell him that if we go out I get to yay or nay the place based on the menu. If there isn’t a healthy choice we aren’t going there. A clam shack that only has fried food is not an acceptable option. Look at the menu before you go and make your choice. Do not open the menu when you get there and order what you had already decided.

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