Biometric Screening

Happy, happy Thursday!


Every year to get a discount on our health insurance we have to have a biometric screening through work.


 My doctors have told me in the past that I have a very boring medical file. Knock on wood, I have had very few (if any) medical problems and I don’t take any medications.

 I truly feel that I as I am aging I am getting healthier! But as the man who took my blood said, when you are in your 20’s and even 30’s you don’t think much about health.  He’s right, being in my 40’s I make it a priority to try and stay as healthy as I can.


I happened to still have my biometric numbers from last year at exactly this time.

Here is a compassion and charts on how to read the numbers




Sept/ 14                                                               Aug/ 15

Total Cholesterol: 206                                    Total Cholesterol: 179

HDL:74                                                                  HDL:65

TC/HDL Ratio 2.8                                               TC/HDL Ratio: 2.7

 Blood glucose chart


Sept/ 14                                                               Aug/ 15

 87                                                                           87


Blood Pressure

 Sept/ 14                                                               Aug/ 15

116/70                                                                  114/68



 Sept/ 14                                                               Aug/ 15

24                                                                           23

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