The Fixx at Daryl’s Club

Happy Labor Day!

I did something this weekend that I have been dying to do! Ever since I have gotten hooked on the show Daryl’s House I have been wanting to go to his club to see a show.

This weekend my friend, Sue and I took a road trip to Pawling, NY to Daryl’s club to see The Fixx. They were big in the 80’s and I really like their music. For $45.00 for a reserved table and a ticket off we went Friday morning.

We got to Pawling in under 3 hours. I had booked a room not far from the club so we checked in and got settled before heading out to the show.

We pulled up at Daryl’s Club and I immediately recognized the sign from his show.

There is a statue of Daryl outside and I had to have my picture taken with it, of course!

We got seated at our table (with 2 other women) and checked out the menu.

Sue and I both got pasta, mine with shrimp and her with vegetables. It was delish! Mine had so many shrimp in it. I was not gypped. The girls at our table enjoyed their meal too.

The prices were very reasonable and the drink selections were great.

As we were waiting for the show, I looked around and noticed how familiar it all looked from TV. I saw the poster of T-Bone that you always see, the Feiners’ poster and the doors painted red.

On the TV around the room Daryl’s House past episodes were playing.

How cool is this!

There was an opening band that was pretty good. Kind of reggae ish… They played a few songs and out came The Fixx!

They opened with Red Skies at Night and soon the floors were thumping and the walls vibrating. People were digging the band and totally getting into it.

The sound at Daryl’s club is amazing and it’s a fairly small venue so were were only like 4 tables back from the band.  We had a front and center seat and it was great. I could really see the lead singer’s face and felt like he could see us as well.

They played their popular songs ( One thing leads to another and Saved by Zero) but their new songs were really good too. They have a new album coming out and even though I didn’t know the songs I really enjoyed them.

People were dancing in their seats and the guy in back of me was going nuts whipping his head back and forth to the band.

It was an older crowd but everyone was having a great time. We chatted with a couple in back of us who live nearby and they love going to the club.

We ordered a cheesecake to split for dessert and it was yummy! Daryl does not skimp on the food and beverages he serves.

You could buy coffee mugs and t-shirts but we passed this time.

The band came back for an encore and then wrapped it up. The band was really good and lived up to my expectations.

Daryl’s Club exceeded my expectations. The food was good and  priced fairly, the sound is out of this world and it’s small so you can really feel connected to the band. It only took us a few minutes to get out of the parking lot once the show was over and we were on our way back to the room.

If you want to see a great show in a smaller venue I can’t say enough about Daryl’s Club. It was super fun and I am looking to go to another show.

Daryl was playing a show with Oats in Canada but maybe next time I go I’ll get to see him live and not just his statue outside.

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