More of a cleanse than a diet- Whole 30

Hey friends: Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I decided to start the Whole 30 program again right after Labor Day. I gained a bunch of weight back this summer and just feel the need for a kick start.


I had a ton of people ask me at the dinner party about this “diet” but for me, it’s more of a cleanse than a diet. Yes, I will lose weight eliminating certain food groups but that is more of a side benefit for me than the sole reason for doing this.

I am eliminating:







I don’t eat much sugar, dairy, legumes or grains (during the week).  My down fall is wine and eating out too much on the weekends.  We ate out a ton this summer and I had a lot of wine and my body is feeling the effects.

Not only with weight gain though. I wheeze when I take a deep breath and my face has been broken out for several years now. I attributed that to hormones but it could be what I am eating.

Honestly, the Whole 30 program isn’t that much of a hard ship for me. I eat a lot of protein, veggies and fruit anyway. Steve asked me a few weeks ago since I am so close to doing it naturally why don’t I just commit to a month?


I started last week and I came across my first challenge. We had a pasta dinner dinner party to attend this past weekend.



I spoke with Dan about my concerns and we went in with a plan. I ate a small bowl of mushroom and roasted garlic soup I had just made ( recipe coming soon) before we went so I wasn’t starving and the apps wouldn’t be tempting me. Appetizers are my favorite and we tend to eat late at these parties so I knew if I didn’t eat something I would be in trouble. Worked like a charm!


Dan made a ton of roasted veggies that we brought to the party. He roasted peppers, cauliflower and broccoli with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I made sure I was first up to the veggies and took a huge pile.

I also loaded up on the salad someone else brought and I brought my own dressing. I put some a little in a small container and no one even noticed!

I just ordered Tessemae’s Cesar Dressing. OMG, so good and Whole 30 approved. I may be hooked for life. She has a ton of products and I already tried her garlic/lemon sauce, garlic spread, Cesar dressing  and I can’t wait to try the BBQ sauce! It’s all Whole 30 approved foods and so far all soooo good.


Anyway, then I had some of the meat sauce just on the plate without any pasta. I got my protein in with the burger without the  carbs from the pasta. I just ate it with a spoon. There may have been a bit of sugar in the sauce but honestly, I didn’t sweat it.

I have to tell you I was full and satisfied with my meal. I don’t usually drink at these parties anyway and I brought my Hint water with me and stuck to water all night.

Score for me!

I did decline a dinner invitation out to a restaurant that has the best deep fried fritters! I wasn’t so sure I could say no to them so I so I decided not to go.  I know my weaknesses!

I stayed home and had my Whole 30 approved Beef Stew.  It was delish!

The thing is you can still eat most foods but instead of milk/cream I use almond or coconut milk. Instead of flour to thicken stews I am using arrow root powder. Although you can have potatoes on whole 30 I opted not to use them in the Beef Stew.

I tried to explain to the ladies at the dinner party that I am not depriving myself I am just cooking differently.

Week one almost down and I don’t feel grouchy like I did when I did this for 3 weeks back in March. I am better prepared and I know so much more now.

Hopefully, my wheezing will clear, my acne breakouts will improve and in the meantime, shed some of the  belly fat I gained this summer.

But really, I am just eating healthier for my body and cleansing out the toxins..

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