Andres Institute of Art

Hey Guys! I am back from vacation this week and have a cool place to tell you about!

A friend of ours told Dan about the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH and we have been wanting to check it out.

What is it?

It is miles of wooded paths with gorgeous sculptures along the way to check out.

From their web-site

“In 1996, engineer and innovator Paul Andres purchased Big Bear Mountain in Brookline, NH and moved into the house near the top of the mountain. Based on his lifelong love of nature and passion for art, Paul decided to purchase sculptures to place in the natural setting surrounding his new home.

Coincidentally, master sculptor John M. Weidman had been living in Brookline for many years. Not surprisingly, John’s skill as a sculptor became known to Paul and they began to work together to make plans for adding sculptures to the mountain. In 1998, they co-founded the Andres Institute of Art as a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.”

“As a result of the collective effort from these gifted artists, we now have over 72 thought-provoking original works of art nestled along walking trails all over the mountain in our 140 acre sculpture park. Our park contains miles of wooded trails, beautiful vistas, and peaceful settings. It is the combination of art and nature that makes a visit to Andres Institute of Art a unique and memorable occasion.”


Dan, Molly and I got to the park and started up the Picnic Trail.  Soon after walking we came upon this cool sculpture called “The Negotiation Table”


The Human –Boulder might have been my favorite.


Check out the Old Man in the Mountain’s new Home!

We walked for over an hour and I have to say some of these trails were steep! It is an old ski area after all, so I guess that makes sense.

The trails are beautiful and it was great to stop and see the next sculpture. There were no bugs at all and there were very few people, granted, it was 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon.

We missed the Southway Trail somehow, but we saw most of the rest of the park. You can bring in a picnic lunch and stop, catch your breath and take in the gorgeous views.

They even have seats you can sit in for a breather.

Look at this view

Molly was loving checking everything out and I can’t wait to go back when the foliage turns and see the rest of the sculptures that we missed.  It must be simply beautiful back there in the Fall.

Check out these perfectly groomed trails.


The park is open every day during the daytime hours and it is totally free!

I love finding cool places like this so close to home. Dan and I were talking that we have so many neat places near us that are free and get outside in nature.

The park is located at

98 Route 13, P.O. Box 226

Brookline, NH 03033

To call for inquires:  603-673-8441

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